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Resolved Blackwonder SG VSH/FF2 servers: Issue with Point System.


New Member
Dec 23, 2018
Yesterday I logged onto Blackwonder SG's FF2 server and realised that the chat said "Merry Blizz™-mas (#long number, 0) has joined from ______!". This meant that I had 0 points. The last time I logged on here, I was #2 with a hell lot of points. Can't remember the actual number. Then I decided to check in on the VSH server, and the same thing happened. I had 0 points too. I checked !rank and realised everyone else had their points. I was #7 before this happened, and I was simply pushed off the list. 24k points gone. Hopefully there is a solution to this problem as I have worked hard for the points.

EDIT: Wasn't the default points for everyone 1000? And no, I did not reset my points.

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