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Declined Bill From Jailbreak's Moderator Application

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Bill From Jailbreak

New Member
Nov 29, 2019
User name: Bill From Jailbreak

Bill From Jailbreak

Your Age


Your SteamID

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on and which one would you like to moderate?
The servers i usually play on are Blackwonder and Wonderland. But i mostly play on Blackwonder. The Blackwonder servers i play are jailbreak which is the server i would like to moderate.

Why would you like to become a moderator?
I would like to be a Moderator because i want to help the Blackwonder become a better place, without hackers, and rule breakers to ruin the experience for new and old players coming to Blackwonder.

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? No

When are you usually available to play?
I am usually available on the weekends from 10 A.M to 10 P.M. I am in school basketball so i cant be online on Tuesday and Thursday because of games. I can be online on Mondays, Wednesdays And Fridays From 5 P.M. to 9 P.M.

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the server you want to moderate
I would punish cheaters with a ban from all servers for hacking. If there was someone mic spamming i would do a 10 minute mute, then a 30 minute mute, then a 1 hour mute, then a permanent mute, if they are being racist this applies to them. If there was a someone spamming in chat then i would do a 10 minute gag, then a 30 minute gag, then a 1 hour gag, then finally a permanent gag. If a blue free kills just slay, explode, rocket, smite the blue that free killed. If a blue mass free kills then i will team ban them for 1 hour, if they do it again though i will team ban them for 12 hours, finally if a blue mass free kills for a third time they will be permanently team banned from blue. If there is an inappropriate spray and its the first time i will spray ban for 30 minutes. If its there second time then it will be for 1 hour. if its the third time it will be for 10 hours. And if its for the fourth time they will be permanently spray banned.

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
If i cant be online when i say i could be in this forum/application then it is because i'm helping my mom with my newborn sister so yeah and this will conclude my application.

Are you proficient in languages other than English? No

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Velcro is a Furry
Staff Member
May 25, 2019
Player was teambanned by me for griefing just a few hours after making their previous application, and was warned and smited just a few minutes ago for wandering away from warden without permission
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