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Battlefield 1942

Marshal Murat

Aug 1, 2018
well, this game is indeed alive and i enjoy playing 'old but gold' games such as this and it's my fav, it's pretty difficult to play and to camp, but it's lots of fun and i do have my own clan called ~(IE)~ (Imperialist Eagles) and discord group where we talk about it and tf2 as well, if you're interested joining in you may have a look..... this game was made during 1999-2002 and it's very well-made game in those times and ppl were buying beta for it to check it out and then buying full released game which was out 2002 and it's pretty much 17-18 years old and it's still alive, there are 2 active forums to it: Team-simple.org and Ax (which is inactive) and i've been the member of Simple for an year already. i hope you enjoyed reading this article! have a nice day!
got very high score today and made everyone salty as chat was full of curses of my skill :V
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