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Declined AMERICA!!!!'s Ban appeal

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New Member
Jul 28, 2022
Username: AMERICA!!!!

What is your type of punishment?

Where were you banned from? Servers

What is your SteamID? https://steamcommunity.com/id/AMERICANFREEDOM/

Who has punished you?
10000 Cold Knights

Why were you punished?
ghosting on discord

Why should we revoke your punishment?
i am writing this again due to the fact i was denied without a proper explanation, or a chance to write my case.
yes ghosting is a punishable offense but from what i see it isnt perma ban worthy. other people have done worse and for longer and only get a temp ban. i get that ghosting even in achievement engineer in punishable but people ghost in other servers where it would lead to a game breaking experience. those people were issued a temp ban, some were even warned, i havent recieved any warnings prior to being banned. dispite breaking a monor rule that would normally put me on temp ban, i was perma banned.
i would like point point out that the admin that banned me (10000 cold knights) has been known to abuse power and issue perma bans on people who dont deserve them, as well as silencing people that call him out.
(proof it is not just me that thinks this) https://blackwonder.tf/threads/report-against-10000-cold-knights-staff-member-report.33842/


Alleviator of freedom
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May 26, 2016
This is a marginally better appeal than the last, in which you opened with 'what I did was not against the rules', but you're still ignoring the whole point of appealing by deflecting it into the ether. If it had just been ghosting, the ban would likely have been removed by now - instead you were bypassing the punishment by changing your name and rejoining the server in order to communicate through join messages. Someone had to take time out of their day to code a fix for that problem afterwards.

The previous appeal was actually still open after the first response, but I closed it myself after you derailed it into an ad-hominem attack and brought up closed threads of no relevance. Alongside your other forum shitposts, I don't see a reason to let you back into the servers.

Your friend can still appeal since they were not bypassing the initial punishment, as far as I can tell
Not open for further replies.

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