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Declined Admin Application from Abraham

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Scarcely Lethal
Feb 20, 2018
Personal Information


Your Age

I travel a lot USA middle east

Your SteamID

Server Information

Have you managed servers previously?

If Yes, which ones?

Are you familiar with admin commands?

On which servers do you usually play?
jailbreak NY
jailbreak TX
jailbreak LA
Blackwondr 2FORT

Application Questions

Why do you want to become an admin?
when I enter one of your great servers I usually run into a spammer or a free killer etc., so I thought because I play TF2 a lot why not helping these beautiful servers to get rid of the annoying people that are ruining it, when I started playing TF2 the servers were full but now I go to a one of JB servers and find 5 people playing I asked the community of TF2 why, they said theirs people in the severs that are trying to ruin the game so we left, I know that you have great admins and they are always trying to make the servers a better place and you can get more help from me and believe me I will be a great admin like overkill, LucasX and many more, I waited to apply for an admin so I can help you and try to make blackwonder a server that all of the people want to join. thank you for reading my Application

Do you know any of our current staff members?

If Yes, please tell us the their names.
I don't know them that much but I play with them sometimes

Please tell us when you usually play and are available.
4:00 pm- 10 pm GMT+2, UTC-4 (i travel alot)

How would you go about punishing a hacker, spammer, simple rulebreaker, etc?
~Jailbreak rules~
Over-talking an Admin during mic check: Mute for 60/360/1440/10080/20160/43800/Permanent
Talking over warden orders: Mute for 30/120/720/1440/10080/20160/Permanent
Armory Camping: Warn to leave armory immediatly. if not, slay.
Delaying: Slay if said person is not rebelling or hunting, and instead hiding
Ghosting: Gag and/or mute for 30/60/120/1440/10080/20160/43800/Permanent
Sticky Trapping: Delays the round. Ask to detonate the stickies away from reds. If not then slay.
Latespawn: immediate slay if caught.
Ammo Glitching: kick. If they are purposely doing it, then a ban for 30/60/120/1440/10080/20160/43800/Permanent
Being AFK: will be moved to spectator.

~Blue-Team Specific Jailbreak Rules~
No Mic: Permanent teamban until they prove they have a mic.
Freekill: Ask why they freekilled. If they cannot give a valid reason, ask them to acknowledge it and slay themselves. If they do not, they will be slayed. If they continuously freekill, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
Mass Freekill: Immediatly Teamban for 20160 and Ban for 10080. If they say it was accidental and kill themselves, I will only do a teamban for 10080.
Killing a Freeday: If a guard kills a freeday during someone else's last request when that freeday had not yet rebelled, then a teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
Freehitting: warn the guard to stop freehitting the reds. if they persist, slay. if they do it again the next round, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
Baiting: If a guard baits another red by getting in their melee range, the red is allowed to hit them. If the guard kills the red because the guard was baiting, then teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
Force-baiting: Same context as regular baiting.
L.G.K.A when warden hasn't yet locked: Warn them by saying warden hasn't locked yet. If they kill beforehand, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent
Teamkilling: If they slay themselves after due to it being accidental, then it will be forgiven. If they persist, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent
Disguising as guard: Ask to remove the disguise immediately. If not slay. If they continue, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent
Last Request Denial: Teamban the guard who denied the lr for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent. Then give the red (who was lr denied) a freeday the next round.
Griefing: Slay with a warning. If they continue, teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
Favoritism: Warn and slay. if they continue, Teamban for 720/1440/4320/10080/20160/Permanent.
and many more I can go to JB server and type (/jbrules)

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.
the only thing that you should know that I love TF2 and I don't care if I get to be an admin because I will always try to make Blackwonder servers better place by calling an admin or reporting them to your wonderful website aslo I do not care if get banned on your servers because I get to learn from these bans and become more aware of the rules


Cutiepie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
Who are you and how do I know you?


Can fly, can fight, can crow.
Staff member
Dec 19, 2016
You've had a lot of teambans and while your app is good itself the punishments look very "copy paste" as in you've not really done anything different for any of them which isnt an issue itself just makes me think you didnt think about it a lot. you also missed out 2fort / "generic" type punishments. given that and your teamban record i must go Neutral leaning -support for now



Staff member
Sep 21, 2017
When you first came to Blackwonder, you constantly asked how to be or apply for admin and that already made me think that you're power hungry.
You were posting garbage before you suddenly disappeared, and then came back out of the blue making an application.

This morning, I've played with you in a Jailbreak server; Having to see you massfreekill once, assuming by accident, and then p̶u̶r̶p̶o̶s̶e̶l̶y "accidently" massfreekill once again with an RTD effect infront of me.

That's a -SUPPORT from me for now from what I can see and I will probably edit this post in the future.

EDIT | You have been spamming in a lot of threads and specifically reports as of recently with useless and unnecessary information and providing supposed "punishments" for the suspects, note the quotations there. You don't even provide the right punishments to the supposed situations.
Have a good day.
Last edited:


Cutiepie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
Shooting up JB whether on purpose or by accident is a hard pass from me, plus you never answered my question so please remove me from your list.



Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015
Hello abraham,
thank you very much for applying and having an interest in supporting this community.
However due to past punishments and rather ill-mannered replies. We have decided to decline you.
Please don't let this deter you from future applications.
Hope to see you around!
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