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Somewhat Threatening
Sep 15, 2017
Farewell ... I'm sorry
I'm going ... ?
So dear ones! Slowly it is time to say goodbye to you and Bye Bye! After a long back and forth, thoughts and many tears, I decided to start something new! It will surprise many of you and even be a shock to some - for so far I have not told anyone about it!
I will break off my tents in Germany and emigrate. My way leads to Venezuela
I promised a job there on 13.12.19 and rented a nice apartment, which made the decision relatively easy for me.
Of course the next time until the move is over and I settle in will be very stressful and I will not have time for you any longer ...
But I do all this to finally be able to spend my life in a bit of peace with more time for myself, a little more money, less taxes, more sun and less work. Of course, I will miss a lot here and I go with a laughing and a crying eye! But nevertheless the decision has finally been made and it is nearly time!
I wish you all the best for the future and we will, if everything has calmed down, sure again read on Facebook and maybe even meet in person!
It was a pleasure to meet you all! Best regards and hopefully see you soon!
This letter has been written by a certain Dieter - no idea who the hell that is - have times copied.
Well, you were happy too soon, no, I'll stay here and annoy some people with my presence ???????????


No, I'm not a F2P.
Staff member
Jan 16, 2019
is this a shitpost? because my nose is itching
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