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Recent content by zBlueeey

  1. zBlueeey

    Read Me VSH Robo-hale explosion bug

    after hale explosion, he will not be able to move for some seconds, i thinks is 2-3 seconds
  2. zBlueeey

    Invisible robo-hale

    you can try excluding the archive of robot hale, and opening the server again to download it Might work
  3. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against hobo // Mr.Bonk // javariniPF (BR JB)

    i will wait for the second video
  4. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against we don't die we just multiply (Vsh)

    Player has been Punished Ty for reporting
  5. zBlueeey

    Pending Mr.Htpx's Moderator Application

    Hey subway nice to meet you here, This part of your app is lacking on information Check The How to Staff application to see more info You can also check Accepted Staff Apps To get a idea of what to do
  6. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against s10 (Vsh)

    Players Got warned in game already Feel Free to report if they do it again Thank for Reporting
  7. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against Nefas (Jailbreak BR)

    Player Had been Punish on game already Ty for reporting
  8. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against nigel (Jailbreak Br)

    Player has Been Punished Ty for reporting
  9. zBlueeey

    Accepted Robinson XI's Moderator Application

    Welcome to the team
  10. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against Bobisgamingtoday (BR Jailbreak)

    Player has been Punished Ty for reporting
  11. zBlueeey

    Accepted S.L.A.V's Team Ban appeal

    You teamban has been removed Be carefull nextime
  12. zBlueeey

    Accepted S.L.A.V's Team Ban appeal

    As you saying that you didn't know about that one rule, and it wasn't anything THAT serious, and is been Quite a long time i would say that you can get unteambanned If anyone want to see the clip of what he did https://blackwonder.tf/threads/report-against-็slav么-scout-br-jb.29391/
  13. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against SlayerrrDa, PedrinhoDallas (Jailbreak BR)

    Both players have been punished Thanks For Reporting
  14. zBlueeey

    Accepted frog's Spray Ban appeal

    As it's your first sprayban Just call me when you on game and let me see if you changed it/not using it anymore And don't use Sign's like that anymore or call another admin/mod to see it Edit : if any admin or mod can check his spray/sign (i can't see they for some reason)
  15. zBlueeey

    Resolved Report against noob // L_osted (BR JB)

    Both Player Has been Punished
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