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Recent content by pallox

  1. pallox

    Accepted pallox's Spray Ban appeal

    Username: pallox What is your type of punishment? Spray Ban Where were you banned from? Servers What is your SteamID? U:1:312064606 Who has punished you? 10k i think Why were you punished? nsfw spray Why should we revoke your punishment? didnt think censored images were banned...
  2. pallox

    Invalid Report against halfdrankdrpepper (jb)

    i don't have a recording, if you cant use chatlogs that show context this obviously then you can just lock the report
  3. pallox

    Invalid Report against halfdrankdrpepper (jb)

    staff have access to chatlogs no? just check them yourself if you don't believe me lol
  4. pallox

    Invalid Report against halfdrankdrpepper (jb)

    the logs show a teamban then him mass freekilling then saying "may as well make it worth" not sure why you would need a demo
  5. pallox

    Invalid Report against halfdrankdrpepper (jb)

    Username: pallox Who are you reporting? halfdrankdrpepper What server game mode is the report concerned with? jb What is the accused persons's SteamID? [U:1:133426460] What is the reason of the report? mfk after getting teambanned for mfk/lr denial the guy is already permabanned from...
  6. pallox

    Closed remove resizemyhead

    other than the fact that it makes your hitbox look different than what it is it also changes your voice command pitch, having people ear rape you for hours on end with loud and obnoxious voice commands is almost worse than the ringing every time someone speaks.
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