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Recent content by Cyveray

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    Answered I wish for my account to be deleted

    Literally nobody reads the tos of any site but yeah guess I will contact either robb or viking thanks for letting me know
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    Answered I wish for my account to be deleted

    How do I delete my forum account as I will not be needing it anymore please help!
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    Closed I'm back!!

    Yeah I am back its good to be back after so long can't wait to play jailbreak again my favorite gamemode to play all day every day I am back how excited are you guys for my long awaited return?
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    Accepted Add ba_sincinatti_v3

    Exactly 2 years ago I have made a grave error in my judgement and logical reasoning removing ba_sincinatti by creating a removal thread for the map. I was actually jealous that I would never make a map anywhere near as good as this one, let alone create an original map at all so out of sheer...
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    Not gonna beat around the bush I am leaving probably for good it has been fun but I have been playing blw jb servers alone for 6 years with over 1000 hours in total is just too much spent too much time on this dead game, but I am grateful for this community though met a lot of good people and...
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    Accepted Readd the original jb_snowday.

    I like both versions personally we have like 4 versions of the same minecraft map, 2 versions of bricks and two versions of hop all of those examples are really similar to each other while these are practically 2 different maps why not have both more snow to go around.
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    Accepted Add jb_cargo_r1

    As the name would suggest this jailbreak map takes place on a cargo ship I believe the concept has been executed quite well as it is spacious without being too big. The map has 3 floors each containing plenty of minigames and ways to reach each floor but the top floor has the cell area and...
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    Accepted Replace jb_minecraft_daybreak with jb_minecraft_nightfall_final_fix

    Nightfall was replaced as the deathrun was broken among other problems but those seem to be fixed in this patch to the map, it would be nice to have nightfall back as its visually different to daylight it would justify this map being in rotation a little more. Gamebanana link...
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    minecraft map soccer bug

    There is a clip_vphysics brush surrounding soccer area it is used to keep the ball inside the soccer field and since most projectiles that are created from weapons are also physics objects they affected by the brush.
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    Declined Add FF2 to JB / Remove VSH

    This is a great idea assuming you can actually select the hale you want and music plays when someone is the Gentlespy or the Christian Brutal Sniper.
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    Completed Jailbreak - add stalemate to warday LRs

    Too often blues just hide or huddle in an area assuming they can cheat the round timer cause they win regardless this sounds like a decent idea.
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    Accepted Add jb_carcerem_v4a

    This is a remake of a classic counter-strike jailbreak map made for tf2 its really good not just how it looks but it plays really well from my experience playing it on panda.tf. It has 17 minigames being sweeper, pool, futbol, disco, crush game, volleyball, minigolf, awp dodge, deathrun, beam...
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    Completed Add Demo charging JB

    Not sure if this suggestion was made before but I quite like this idea as it makes demoknight not entirely useless when everyone else gains ammo he gets to have decent mobility and funny charge crits.
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    Completed Add jb_island_roleplay_finalfix

    I think island roleplay is a pretty decent map not sure how it went everyone's radars but it has the old roblox aesthetic like crossroads but its more open, it has 20 minigames and it takes place on an island so you can use the water to travel around although you take some damage when on red...
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