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Recent content by Beepis

  1. Beepis

    Add Demo charging JB

    you're clearly saying red demoknights should be able to bhop at mach 10 on warday
  2. Beepis

    JB map secrets

    thanks australian
  3. Beepis

    Brand New Jailbreak LA Tier List Template

    joe's in the tier list
  4. Beepis

    Which custom gamemode do you liked the most?

    i like hunger games
  5. Beepis

    do you either press space to bhop or use scroll wheel

    i think this guy uses scroll
  6. Beepis

    do you either press space to bhop or use scroll wheel

    do you manually press space bar to bhop or use a scroll wheel cfg (jb)
  7. Beepis

    Tier List of Jailbreak Players

    you mean demoknight mge yes
  8. Beepis

    Tier List of Jailbreak Players

    fake, where is singapore jb tier
  9. Beepis

    Resolved Latency went 30 to 150...

    This happened to me on blw singapore servers. Been a few days since it hasn't been fixed. 200 ping, other servers aren't affected for me. Like hong kong and europe servers aren't. The speedtest for the ping is 7ms. I used to have an average of 70-80 ping on the server before i switched isps from...
  10. Beepis

    Resolved Sudden High Ping on Blackwonder Servers

    This just happened to me a few days ago, i waited tomorrow and it still hasn't fixed itself. And it still hasn't yet. Other servers aren't affected except blw Singapore servers.
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