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Recent content by BananAsriel

  1. BananAsriel

    Pending Extend map durations for Easy Surf servers

    Currently the map duration for the Easy Tier Surf servers is set to just 30 minutes which is too short as some maps can be extensive or can take more than this time to beat with many attempts. I believe the map duration should be 1 hour specially considering that extending the map when the next...
  2. BananAsriel

    Factions Chests Poll

    It is almost a default thing in factions since the main mechanic around it is to claim and own land taking it away from everone else.
  3. BananAsriel

    Should i sell my strange corpse carrier?

    hold onto it like bitcoin STRANGE CORPSE CARRIER TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  4. BananAsriel

    Closed Set "sm_cvar sv_airaccelerate 150" on Deathrun.

    Too many people complain about bhop in deathrun already
  5. BananAsriel

    kuromeyes's Ban appeal

    Longer demo, goes silent almost halfway through due to "Volume 0" in console but can be reverted
  6. BananAsriel

    kuromeyes's Ban appeal

    Tick 4500 onward. I joined hightower to respond to a call to find a player who's reticle placement resulted in the sniper dot being placed off to where the real reticle was, i was going to brush it off as this is a common thing to happens when using third person (only that it gets displaced down...
  7. BananAsriel

    Accepted EmirhanGamer71's Ban appeal

    You were banned by the anti-cheat while on US | HighertowerX | x1000 Weapons
  8. BananAsriel

    Pending Remove or fix !solo on dodgeball

    If people want to play 1v1 or against many they should just simply outlive their teammates and win? It feels redundant to have a plugin that forces this scenario when the nature of the gamemode is Arena mode
  9. BananAsriel

    Pending Add 2Fort cool suggestion

    This is just a custom 2fort map. CTF
  10. BananAsriel

    Declined Thai Food's Ban appeal

    You're Perm banned for circumventing punishments. though, There aren't any active commblocks on the account you've listed. the last one is from july of last year and it was only for 1 hour. Given that you've mentioned avoiding a commblock i assume you meant to list a different steam account too?
  11. BananAsriel

    Pending OhShootTre's Moderator Application

    Hello Tre It has been nice seeing how active you are in the hightower server, i've seen you a lot in this past couple of weeks and you've been of help knowing when to call a Staff member. You seem to behave well and grasp the rules nicely, my only observation would be the same of Nebula...
  12. BananAsriel

    Resolved Blackwonder Jailbreak TF2

    This is a matter of server activity and not really a server issue, nothing we can control exactly. Luckily depending on the time of the year some servers get active and some don't. I guess is all about timing.
  13. BananAsriel

    Resolved Report against Beans (JB US)

    I was going to point out that the demo starts a minute into the round already, but then you see that the only reason he ended up doing it was because he kept freehitting the freeday and the freeday simply stepped aside at the best time for him to shoot so there isn't really much context to...
  14. BananAsriel

    Resolved Report against onepunchzan and pauljohnsonshwuarta (JB US)

    Correct. I'll be closing this. Thanks anyways
  15. BananAsriel

    (Jailbreak) Warden can be spectator

    or simply smite them, moving them to spectator makes the gamemode think they didnt even die
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