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VSH - In depth advanced tutorial for Saxton Hale


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Aug 17, 2017
This thread is going to consist of a tutorial I made myself for all the bosses in VSH BLW. It will be a tutorial just for the Blackwonder servers. Feel free to criticize as well as adding stuff that you feel is needed to be brought up, as I am going to go in detail and in-depth to some things I've noticed while playing VSH.

What's the purpose of this gamemode you say? Well, it's a bunch of players fighting of against a hale (that is chosen from a hale queue board) and their objective is to kill the hale whilst it's the opposite for the hale themselves.

Saxton hale

This is the oldest boss ever created amongst the many bosses out there. The mod was created 2010 and thus also makes it the most iconic one and might as well be some people's favorite one too. As with this boss, it has virtually got no downgrades, but has however got many pros such as the time between being able to super jump being only 4 seconds (the amount of time your cooldown has can differ from server to server) and being able to stun people when raging. You rage by pressing the call for medic button (E by default) You will stun you enemies for about 6-7 seconds giving you time to kill them as they cannot attack back.

Cristian Brutal Sniper

This boss was originally just clothed with a RED color and was equipted with some melee weapons but at some point he changed his color to black with biohazard signs and blood splattered all over his jacket due to being torture to death by the BLU's. He has a history with Gentlespy, another boss in the VSH universe. Anyways, enough about his history. This boss is equipped with a Tribalman's Shiv that can also kill with max 3 hits as well as obtaining the Fortified Compound once raged. However, you only get a limited amount of arrows from raging so make sure to use it wisely. When being attack by a group of people I advice you to NOT use arrows as your changes of hitting someone at close range is much slimmer than just targeting from a reasonable distance. Instead, try to go far away and then shoot your arrows as I've mentioned before, surprise attack them. Your rage is the same but the stun on the enemies nearby you runs out faster giving you less time to kill the RED's, furthermore making this boss more vulnerable to damage. You can still super jump so I advice you to use that ability as best as you can combined with your bow along with your melee weapon.

Super jumping

When you want to super jump, you want to Right click to load your super jump and then when your ready look up and release your finger that's placed on the right side of the mouse. When you have learned how to do advanced super jumping it will assist you tremendously and you will notice it. These advantages can come in handy when trying to confuse a group of people that are stacking in one place by jumping around a lot of times. It works and is very efficient when timed right. However, when jumping you need to have a basic understanding of how to strafe, as otherwise you will lose your momentum resulting in you falling down in a completely different place from where you had planned to jump

Weaknesses and info about damage

Your weaknesses are rocket jumping Soldiers and knife stabbing spies. They will try to either backstab you or market gardener you so when fighting the RED's you should try to avoid these classes. (This applies for all the bosses.) That's not to say that you should completely ignore all the other classes, but it will be something you will start thinking of/noticing when having played VSH for some time. All hales deal about the same damage and takes a maximum amount of 3 hits to kill anyone. When you have hit a player once, don't stop, keep trying until you start wasting health. If you don't waste your health then what is the point of giving up on chasing a soldier with 2hp?

Small tips n tricks

When becoming hale you should think of two things: 1. Almost always jump to try to avoid taking as much damage as possible. However, try to refrain from Cltrl Jumping as it will make you vulnerable to stomps, backstabs, market gardening and just generally taking more damage. 2.Whilst jumping around you have to kill people, otherwise it's just going to become a waste of time and medics will eventually revive all the players that you've killed and you'll be stuck to having 1/3 of your health left and still haven't fully killed anyone. You do not want to get in that situation; it will be a death sentence (if you don't magically turn the tables and somehow kill all the players at once) So as a hale you have to use your rage carefully. Only use it if you're sure that there will be no pyros or anyone that can harm your potential future killstreak. You will also have the ability to stomp players which will deal almost as much damage as hitting someone with your fists. Use this to your advantage and stomp players going in one direction or players that are distracted.
Pay attention to medics and don't let them heal others. Medics are actually more important to the team than what people think, so next time you go hale, don’t ignore medics, end their puny little worthless, pathetic and disgusting lives take this info into consideration and hopefully you've learned something new about VSH!

This will be a sort of demonstration of how it would look like being a hale:

Pay attention to my actions and what I do specifically his video and see if it matches my tips I gave you. Good luck!

Edit : I added some of Shadow Marios's info along with the tutorial for CBS.

I might add more detail about the other four bosses too.
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Shadow Mario | blw.tf

Staff member
Aug 14, 2017
You may also want to add a info about never trying to use Ctrl's Super Jump, that would make you vulnerable to stomps, Market Gardens, Headshots and any melee hit type (including Backstab).

Btw, here's some other info that i found on VSH's script about the Special Hales that could be useful:

- CBS:
Different from other Hales, Vagineer and CBS are the only ones who doesn't have the 40% knockback resistance.
- Bunny: Does 5% less damage than other hales (not that it makes a huge impact on it tho).
- HHH Jr.: Thanks for his weapon being a sword, its Melee Range is 34% bigger;
You can't do superjumps, but instead, hitting the wall with your melee weapon will make you climb it.
- Vagineer: (Read what i put in CBS' info);
Airblasting Vagineer while he is ubered will increase his Uber time by 1 second and will remove 5 of your Flamethrower's ammo.


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Jan 16, 2019
Interesting. Aren't there more bosses like the Vangeneer, HHH, Gentlespy and Easter Bunny?

Night Owl

Scarcely Lethal
Oct 18, 2018
Well, Vick your Vsh tutorial is great, but i feel like your missing something.

Personally i have a priority list of which class to kill first when i am hale. So this is my list (I am sorry for any grammer mistakes so i apologise in advance):

1-Medic, medics are the most important class in tf2 and that applies in Vsh, its because that they can revive dead one can really turn the tables.

2-Engie, personally, i don't want to deal with a sentry nest at the end of the round, so i priorities engies so i don't risk losing at the end of the round.

3-Heavy, heavies if left alive can do a lot of dmg so i like to priorities heavies before the others.

4-Demo, demomen can deal a lot of dmg by using they're grenade launcher especially with crits.

5-Sniper, snipers can do a lot of dmg by shooting hale from far away so when you see one, you should kill that sniper.

6-Solider, soliders can deal a lot of dmg using the market gardener, but it takes a lot of skill to use it effectively, buy i don't want to risk that.

7-Pyro, pyros are very annoying because they can airblast, so i suggest to surprise them so they don't have time to airblast.

8-Spies, spies are generally very annoying, but unless the spy can trickstab well, then you shouldn't be to worried.

9-Scout, scouts much like spies are annoying, but scouts can't deal as much dmg so i don't make it a priority.

So thats my list, be aware that this is my personal opinion of class priority and can change depending on the skill, weapons, the map, etc so please take it with a grain of salt of be salty.

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