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Declined verticalfur780's Admin Application

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Oct 23, 2018
User name: verticalfur780

Sandor Escobedo

Your Age


Your SteamID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on? Blackwonder TX Hightower, Blackwonder NY Hightower, and Blackwonder NY x100 Hightower

Why would you like to become an admin? I would like to become an admin because of the fact that I have always been interested in helping people on servers and that made me come to the realization that maybe applying for admin might not be a bad idea. Even though I sometimes don't see mean people on the servers, when there is a mean person, they are really toxic so I thought that applying for admin could help me stop these people. The time I have been interested for this topic was for about 3 years. I'd love helping people on these servers and forums because they are usually nice and understanding. I would also like to become an admin so I could prevent hackers, and people whom exploit the game or annoy other players. I also really love the servers you guys have made causing me to go back to playing TF2 everyday after school or whenever I get free time.

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? No

When are you usually available to play? Sunday-Saturday @ 4:40 and After (U.S, Canada / Eastern Time)

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the game modes you play Hackers/exploiters
I would first start off by filming them hacking for proof that they have been exploiting the game (usually I would take about 30 min to an hour
watching them), then I would nicely ask them to leave or stop hacking. If they don't, then I would suspend them for a certain amount of time depending on the severity
of their hacking. If I am not able to stop them, then I would report them to another admin to help me out with the situation. If that still does not work
then they get a permanent ban.

Spammers: Amount of offenses
1st:1 hour mute/gag
2nd:2 day mute/gag
3rd: 1 week mute/gag
4th:1/2 months mute/gag
5th: Permanent mute/gag

Innapropriate/racist spray:
Ask them to take it down. If not then they get a permanent spray ban.

Racists: Amount of offenses
1st: 2 hour mute/gag
2nd: 1 day mute/gag
3rd:1/2 week mute/gag
4th:1/2 months mute/gag
5th: Permanent chat ban

Put them on spectate

General Rule Breackers:
1st: 1 day punishment
2nd: 1 week punishment
3rd: 1 month punishment
4th: 2/3 month punishment
5th: ban or give them a bigger time punishment

Is there any other information you would like us to know about? I'm a very friendly and kind person who would love to be of use for issues about a person or server.
I am sometimes immature, but trust me, I am a reliable person whom plays by the rules and loves to have fun.
I main the soldier class and I'm pretty confident to say that I am pretty good at playing.
Even though I'm a generaly nice person, I could easily get irritated because of school or something like that causing me to be not as nice as I usually am.I also really love making friends.
If someone asks or wants to know, prefer dogs over cats.

Steam Name: sandorantonio
PSN name: sandor escobedo
XBOX name: verticalfur780

Thanks for seeing me
-Sandor Escobedo
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Cutiepie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
You have basically no server playtime, aren't properly literate (because of your age I'm assuming), don't know how to deal with a hacker properly, most of your punishments are not good and you ignored me when I said to wait a few weeks before posting a new app.


Staff member
Sep 21, 2017
You made an application less than two hours before you made this application, and decided to take the option to have it declined after one feedback. You could not even be assed to wait for 24 hours and you had already made a reply.
Fine then just decline it. I wont apply ever again
And then you repeated the event again and immediately asked for it to be declined after ONE feedback from the same person. I can't tell if you are awfully impatient or that you don't have enough courage to continue receiving feedback and improving from it.
Plus I've seen worse applications from people who have been accepted. Their punishments were worse and they had worse grammar than me, so I don't get it.
Don't even bother comparing others to your application, instead you should should have attempted to figure out what was our expectation in an application. Your punishments are messy and are definitely wrongly used. You also wouldn't know how much better or worse someone is compared to you, so I'm shocked that you would immediately assume that their 'grammar' is worse than yours just by reading what they had typed.

I was planning to provide some specific feedback but I clearly don't need to if you had seen other applications, it's just that you could not be bothered to put in the effort to your application. I recommend actually taking it seriously next time.

Declined per applicant's request.
Have a good day.
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