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UberUpgrades suggestion for Spawncampers

Shadow Mario | blw.tf

Face Melting
Aug 14, 2017
We all know (and it's kind of obvious) UberUpgrades has a problem with spawncampers, and i thought in a way for making the players getting spawncamped to be able to upgrade themselves easier to counter it while on spawn.

As who played it must know, when you touch resupply, you get ubercharged for ~3 seconds, it helps you to not get killed + not getting knocked back, as you're invincible.
But everytime you touch resupply it re-opens the buy menu, so my suggestion would be to doesn't open the menu or open the menu only if it is closed.

Both suggestions would let the player upgrade himself while is invincible, and, hopefully, get upgraded enough to counter them.

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