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Trade Rules


Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015

No scamming/sharking allowed

A scammer is anyone that uses deception, thievery, lies, or anything that is underhanded to take advantage of or steal from another trader. See below for more comprehensive list of what qualifies for SCAMMER status: (snip; non-comprehensive list folows) Charge-back or Reversal (buy an item from the store, trade it away, chargeback purchase) Quick-switching items (offer to trade one item, trade a visually identical/similar but much less valuable item instead) Receiving the item and not paying (offer to trade for cash, get item, don't pay/pay and get refund from PayPal/etc.) Spycrabbing and then not paying (gamble an item away, lose and keep the item)
When you shark somebody, you find a new, guillible TF2 player who has earbuds (or an unusual, or another very valuable item) and tell them that you'd like to have it; you'll even give some weapons for it. The sharker banks on the new player being wanting for that annoying bow and arrow thing enough to part with a bunch of pixels in exchange for it. The player doesn't know better and agrees to the exchange, but the sharker didn't actually lie so it is not scamming. The trading "scene" places the blame then on the gullible player for being, well, gullible and agreeing to a bad trade. Obviously he should've known about steamrep.com and backpack.tf and tf2outpost.com and why the hell buds are worth that much money anyway.


If you are gambling an item worth 1 key or higher, you must use a verified middleman.

Staff members can not be a middleman

Staff members do not take responsibility if you do not use a trusted middleman.

Any raffles/spycrabbing, etc.... you host must be free to enter

If you want to host one of these events and earn a profit from it, do not do it on our servers.

Do not beg for items

If you want items for free, go and enter a giveaway, asking for this irritates people who have worked hard to make a profit.

Do not randomly request trades with other players

If you want to tell people what you are selling, tell the whole server by using the chat.

Keep trade binds to once per chat cycle

Wait until your previous bind disappears, then you can use it again.

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