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Declined This is my admin application

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New Member
Nov 10, 2019
Hey this is my third time writing my admin application as the previous two where suddenly deleted, worst part is a lot of mediocre jokes are now gone.

My experience with the community is limited, I am known pretty well on one of your current Hightower servers by other regulars, I have never used or spoken on the forums or your discord, and do not personally know any staff. Probably not the best thing to write on my application next too "Whats Blackwonder?"

I am nearly always wasting my time on this server:
I want to become an admin due to my frequent interaction with the regulars inside your one server, and how it seems to attract a lot of hackers which I feel take too long to be dealt with. Im usually on every day at 4pm to 10pm to 12pm

I know a bit about map making in hammer, I have made many unreleased maps in TF2 and TF2classic. I probably wont be using this ability unless you guys needed it for some reason.

I know how to use the Hammer editor, I have made many unreleased TF2, TF2c, and open fortress maps.
To humor you I know how to make a 2D turtle move in two coding languages, Java and Python.

I am currently 16 wasting my time in TF2 until I can go into computer science in college, where I will likely still waste my time.

I used to moderate a now Garry's mod sandbox server that sadly no longer exists, I moderated that server for six months, took a break and it was just gone.

Here is my list of spankings without a lot of jokes and as simple as possible. As I worry this application will accidentally be deleted... Again.
Mic spam: Stop them if others are annoyed by warn or kick, if everyone is fine with it why stop them?
Glitching outside the map: kick
Being an asshole to me or other players: warn/kick, maybe kill him over and over with commands if they seem deserving of it heh.

This is my server moderator application I guess, now I have to come back too see if I have been rejected or not. I really hope I did this right and you have to know my anxiousness too.


The fake F2P.
Staff Member
Jan 16, 2019

Please read this guide before making an application.

Also, if you only play a single server I'd recommend going for a moderator position first. Please use this form.

Thanks and have a nice day.
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