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Declined TheBreadBox's Ban appeal


New Member
Aug 1, 2022
Username: Flanagan

What is your type of punishment?

Where were you banned from? Servers

What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:124367970

Who has punished you?

Why were you punished?
[Anti-Cheat] Aimbot Detected (TB) | Weapon: tf_weapon_revolver

Why should we revoke your punishment?
i was just playing spy on the x1000 highertower server, shooting at people with the revolver and then banned for the second time, seeing as i was not even hitting most of my shots i am a bit confused on why the anti cheat was set off but in case it helps i will help set the scene since i don't have screenshots or recording to back up what i have to say, i was in the canyon bit shooting at a scout using the lestranger who was spamming the wrap assassin and as soon as he turned to face me and i get banned for aimbot with the revolver. seeing as this is my second ban and thereby my seacond appel this will most likly be declined but i hope whatever admin/mod sees this will see my innocence
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