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The problematic "No Skipping" rule in DR.


Scarcely Lethal
Dec 9, 2018
Some donors stopped me for skipping a trap in dr_playstation, which is funny because everyone skips traps like normal, but I understood and decided "yeah, sure, i'll stop doing that", since it does seem to be against the rules, even tho the rules are slightly misleading calling these traps "areas".
When you get to Neonoir, on the other hand, apparently no one gives a shit. I saw someone skipping a few jumps with a jump pad that's supposed to launch them to this area they're in; and I complained about it. The same donors did not care. Noone cared. What's so ironic is that the same people who skipped that non-trapped part died the next round in the same goddamn jumps/tiles =p
This rule is absolutely broken for a handful of reasons:
1. No one really reads deathrun rules.
2. Almost, if not EVERYONE skip traps even if they know that it's not allowed.
3. This rule, according to donors, does not apply to all maps. For example, noone bats an eye if you skip dr_neonoir or dr_supermonkeyball, but they SLAY you for skipping in playstation.

Do I find it bad that people skip traps and areas where they may or may not die in? No. Infact, I insist doing it myself... But when you tell me that this rule doesn't apply to all maps equally? And no one follows it?! That just makes it complete bullshit. Either remove it completely -- which I recommend because although skipping seems like (and technically is) exploiting, I can't lie, it's really fun to bhop around and skipping, and even Death doesn't seem to care at all -- OR, keep the rule, but you HAVE TO do something about it. I am definitely not going to follow such a broken rule, neither will everyone else. "WAIT, that's breaking the rules!". No, it's just ignoring an already broken one.
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Notably Dangerous
Mar 4, 2019
I didn't realize there is a new rule...I gotta check the rules more frequently. Also if no one can skip traps then why not ask the map creators to make invisible walls/surfaces? I personally bhop maps with the boiz but death can still kill us if they can time. Technically then the rule is for bad deaths. Maybe there's a map where you can jump on a trap so it doesn't do anything I gotta be aware.
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