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Thank you Blackwonder! From Aegeus Dusk

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Aegeus Dusk, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Aegeus Dusk

    Aegeus Dusk Epic

    Mar 21, 2017
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    Hello everyone, some may not know me well but others may know me from when I joined Blackwonder.
    Here are some people I would like to mention that have either helped me or have just been a great
    friend or player to the community.

    @Drexils@Drexils - I started out with this player on my first days of Blackwonder. I used to tease him with
    a "Bad Spray" he didn't like, why you may ask? I still ask myself that, but I wanted to mention him
    because no matter how much we didn't like eachother, he is the reason why I am a little more different
    now from the toxic way I was in my early stage as a community member. Thank you Drexils for making me
    see that! (I also want to note how much he follows the rules and to congratulate him on his accepted
    admin application, good job!)

    @Wanka@Wanka - For being the lovable player and admin everyone knows today! His sense of humor gets me
    everytime and I want to thank him (along with other admins too) for keeping blackwonder a fun
    and wOnderful place. :D

    @Jim@Jim - Not too long ago he was a normal player with the charm that would want to make someone give
    their "love" (not sexual) to him. Now he is an admin that is still a bundle of fun but still has the
    job of an overseer. Thank you for being there for when people need assistance on servers (as well as
    other admins too) and for making tons of laughs.

    @RainbowRob@RainbowRob - One of many admins that keep the servers stable and clean, I want to personally say
    thank you for keeping the servers in check and making sure there are no more reports that need
    to be resolved. Outstanding job :3

    @General Zimmer@General Zimmer - This morning (10/16/2017) I had some personal issues with a family member that
    eventually made me want to end myself, they provided me something that I personally love no matter
    how cringy it can be, memes. I continued on with my day with positivity and survived another day.
    I personally want to thank you for making sure I would be fine and would help me continue on with
    another day. You really are a life saver.

    @Lemonchickeno@Lemonchickeno - This player has been very kind and overall fun to play with on the blackwonder
    servers, I wish he would play more often with me although I do believe he has buisness outside
    of a computer screen (and probably jailbreak servers). You can probably tell just by me wanting
    him to come back that he is someone you definitley want to be around. Thanks you lovable chicken-o!

    @Soviet Ruski Dog@Soviet Ruski Dog - No matter how much some people may see you as another rulebreaker, I see you as
    a friend that has more to learn but still has a place in my memory vault. Thanks for being such a
    good friend!

    @Timo@Timo - I'll be honest here, I saw Timo as someone I want to hangout with because he is more than
    the average player. I guess me and him just stayed acquaintances for the time of me being here in
    Blackwonder. Still, even though we may never be friends, I still think he will be better friends
    with his fellow admin friends. Keep positive mah dude.

    @Nightly@Nightly - (This is a personal thing towards him Blackwonder, if you dont wish to read it,
    please skip this part) I've known him from idleserver.com, he is currently an admin there and I always kinda saw
    him as someone I would want to know forever. I saw rosenbaum as a father figure with his wisdom and
    his way of seeing things. I wish he was still around, many do, and I may not be around idleserver to
    play together like the good old days, but if you see this Nightly, I hope things are going ok for you
    there. Sorry about me being such a "dog" (You remember that joke right?) towards the downfall of
    idleserver. Love you man, thanks for being there and for sticking around idleserver no matter how bad
    it got. Best wishes dude.

    @will5023@will5023 - You did, and have, been doing an excellent job on the Blackwonder servers, you continue to
    show whats right and whats wrong, and still show how much you are to the servers and community of
    Blackwonder, thank you for your hard work! (and of course all other admins)

    @Benedevil@Benedevil - This one goes out to the creator of Blackwonder, the server you play on and have fun on.
    I personally want to thank you for everything. You created this wonderful server, you made tough choices
    when starting out, and you continued to make blackwonder a better place. If it wasn't for you, none
    of this would exist and many would probably be bored out of their mind. You did a fantastic job feeding
    the community and continuing to improve the Blackwonder community. Thank you for all your hard work!
    Keep up the great work!

    Long live Blackwonder!

    This is all I have for now, if you think I forgot you, im sorry and please don't be mad/sad that you
    aren't on here.

    [If you see any mistakes, feel free to include them so I can edit it, thank you for reading.]
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  2. Philip

    Philip Wicked Nasty

    Jun 18, 2017
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    ( >w<) Yeeeeeee
    / >:pokeball:<)
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  3. Kiryoto

    Kiryoto The Competitive Guy Staff Member

    Sep 28, 2017
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    awww, that's cute! <3

    just say a word, and I'll try to motivate you. If you're in mood to it. We can play tf2 and speak over voice chat. (please not the ingame. I mean in discord) ;)

    also, I've praticed a little bit on the "save life" part :whistle: