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Steam Client Update Released


Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
Sep 28, 2015
A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed game images being truncated by a couple of pixels in shelves and collections

  • Steam Cloud
    • Fixed issues related to switching between two apps that use shared cloud storage, such as Terraria and tModLoader
    • Fixed issues with library storage of collections and shelves caused by frequent deletion and regeneration of collections and shelves
    • Avoid overly-aggressive reconnection attempts after server resets

  • Steam Overlay
    • Fixed Steam Overlay not rendering for some DirectX 12 games.

  • Steam Input
    • Fixed "Controller Configuration" not showing up in the Manage Game context menu
    • Fixed Unity games not seeing controllers at startup

  • Remote Play
    • Greatly improved VAAPI hardware decoding on Linux
    • Fixed touch control settings not being saved in the Steam Link app

  • Shader Pre-Caching
    • Fix a crash triggered by having a large number (>64k) of cache files

  • Linux
    • Updated linux runtime 'scout' to 0.20211207.0: add support for webp in SDL2_image
    • Fixed the starting directory sometimes being incorrect when launching devkit titles
    • Cleanly report an error if a devkit title is configured without a command line

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