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Completed Solution to the inactive EU Jailbreak servers


Wicked Nasty
Jul 8, 2018
I'm teambanned why am I even making this.
It's no secret that the European jailbreak servers are pretty much a ghost town, which sucks. Forcing players to deal with 150+ ping to enjoy Jailbreak, so this is a huge issue.
I got a couple of weird solutions:

Solution 1: The incentive
Providing players with extra credits on joining that specific server could work? I might be overestimating how people value coins, but by doing this the servers get a temporary boost in player numbers from the Americans/ other regions which provide a foundation for an active player base to rise up. Since player numbers bring in more people.
If that makes any sense whatsoever.
This is probably the weakest point, but if there's another way of rewarding players then please share.

Solution 2: Pulling down servers temporarily/ Getting rid of them entirely
As crazy as it sounds just hear me out.
We have a blackwonder UK server when there's already a European one. This just dilutes a possibly huge player number which leads to a server being active rather than there be 2 servers with 4 players. I propose we get rid of the British jailbreak server (typing this sentence hurts me in more way than one) which will allow the European player base to unify as one.
Or we could temporarily close the texas and new york servers? These regions are closer to Europe so the ping difference wouldn't be that poor and by doing this the servers get a temporary boost in player numbers which then ultimately contributes to a player base (like solution 1 except it could actually work)
Easter is coming up with many schools having holidays so it's a great time to start and make the most of it.

Solution 3: Just improve Jailbreak as a whole
Jailbreak isn't the best in terms of the very very bad maps in rotation: cavern, wildwest, jail_night, the 3 Minecraft maps? (pick one ffs), snowballs, etc.
There are other maps but these are the ones people genuinely dislike because of their poor design, ugly looks, and just unplayability in most cases. The community is dictated by people that just prefer the maps because of memays, and shits and giggles. Which is fine, but really sucks when you're forced to play on them for a max of 50 minutes.
It also isn't the best in LR selection such as steely wheely and that god forbidden vsh lr.
And to help show those issues I'll dedicate myself to providing the problems and finding a solution, and I request others to do that as well. As much as it sounds cliche and dumb your opinion can actually make a difference and just help others have fun. This is an integral part of resurrecting the European servers to their former glory.

So yeah thats all of them, if you find any of them to be flawed or just dumb then bring it up and Ill respond asap.

Thanks for reading

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