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See you on the forums kiddo copypasta (stolen from panda)


Positively Inhumane
Staff Member
Jul 13, 2020
See you on the forums kid, did YOU really think YOU could get away with freekilling ME on THIS Team Fortress 2 Jailbreak server? Honestly your stupidity amazes me that YOU really thought that you could get away with this such intolerable act. I'll have you know that I always have my medal.tv on ready to clip rulebreakers like yourself, all I need to do to end you right now is to press the "post thread" button on the forums and then it is up to the admins mercy. It's too late to apologize now as the heinous sin has already been committed and you will have to face the consequences of your actions, you will most likely get off lightly since I believe this is my first time reporting you on the forums, at worst I believe the admins will hand you a 120 minute ban from the guard team. Oh YOU still DISAGREE with ME? Oh well because of that I have pulled up your chatlogs and filtered to the words "fuck you" and will be adding this to my report since YOU clearly have a past of TOXIC behaviors, I believe this gag will last around 720 minutes since YOU are CLEARLY a toxic individual, and we don't allow ANY sort of toxicity on this Team Fortress 2 Jailbreak server. OH NOW YOU'RE DONE FOR KID. The admins are looking at the report right now, YOU are moments away from being teambanned and gagged, YOUR FATE IS FUCKING SEALED NOW KID.

Festive Steve H Oswald

Blackwonder's Own
Nov 12, 2016
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