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Invalid Report against killer hunter ( (Jump Map))

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New Member
Jan 14, 2022
Username: This-is-MK

Who are you reporting? killer hunter

What server game mode is the report concerned with? (Jump Map)

What is the accused persons's SteamID? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199215009301

What is the reason of the report? Killing people continuously as spy while they're trying to learn jumps and also making a bind so he that can teleport and start spawnkill them every second. I am sure, the proof of killing can be gathered using logs

Any other proof you have I could have recorded video but it was late. I will appreciate and for your own server sake, that these people must know what they're doing is wrong, its not a spy mge server or anything. Clearly discouraging players to play on it and thus leaving becomes their only option. I will still keep a track and make sure next time I meet, I have the video. right now if its worth it. Please consider this and check the killing logs to confirm im not lying. He killed my plenty of time continously spawn camping


Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
Sep 29, 2019
We don't have "Killing logs". If you have any proof, post it here. You can also report this bug in Problems.
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