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Recruiting Players for a Asia UGC 6's team


New Member
May 16, 2023
I hope you're having a great day! I am looking for new players for my competitive 6's team. It is an entry-level competitive team, no matter if you are a 500 hours player or 2000, you are whom I want! I am only accepting players in Asia, though...

Slots available:
Main Pocket Soldier
Main Demoman
Main medic

(substitute players) Subs:
Scouts (2)
Pocket soldier
Flank soldier
Pocket soldier

If you are interested, please comment below your total playtime and class slot you want (state also Sub or main team). Do include other info too, like country due to ping considerations. If you are interested but new to comp tf2 but you are a player I'd like, I will send you a friend request. Thank you and have a nice one!

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