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Declined OfficialJimRM's Moderator Application

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Positively Inhumane
Nov 21, 2019
User name: OfficialJimRM


Your Age


Your SteamID

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on and which one would you like to moderate?
Jailbreak SG, thats the one i wanna be staff

Why would you like to become a moderator?
I've been playing Blackwonder Jailbreak servers for a while and many people have been toxic lately. I want to be a Moderator to stop all of the madness and help the community.

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

Please let us know the names of staff members you have spoken to or know
Gibus,Shotmisser,Console,Christmas Jim

When are you usually available to play?
GMT+8 Time:Monday to Friday 4:00PM-8:00PM Saturday to Sunday:6:30AM-9:00PM

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the server you want to moderate
General Rules:

Micspam: Warning>1 hour mute>3 hours mute>5 hours mute>1day mute>3days mute>1w mute>3w mute>1 month mute>5 month mute> Perm
Chatspam: Warning>1 hour gag>3 hours gag>5 hours gag>1 day gag>3 days gag>1w gag>3w gag>1 month gag>5 month gag> Perm
Racism: 1d silence>3d silence>6d silence>1w silence>3w silence>1 month silence>3 month silence> Perm
Hacking: Record and gather enough evidence to ban the 1 person or more than 1 person
Advertising Hack: Perm Silence
Exploiting: 1 day ban>5 days ban>1 week ban>5 week ban>1 month ban>5 month ban> Perm
Afk: The 1 person or more than 1 person will be kicked from the server.
Player disrespect or being toxic: 2 hour gag/mute> 6 hour gag/mute> 1 day gag/mute> 5 day gag/mute> 1 month gag/mute> Perm

JB or Jailbreak Punishments:

Stickybomb Trapping: The person will be ask to kaboom the stickies if they dont they will be slayed
Round Delay: Tell the person to not delay if they still delay and not paying attention they will be slayed
Ghosting: 1 day gag/mute> 3 day gag/mute> 1w gag/mute> 5 w gag/mute> 1 month gag/mute> 5 gag/mute > Perm


Freeday abusing:The player or players will be slayed


No mic: Perm tban
Muffled mic: Tell them to fix it if they cant do it they will get Perm tban
Favouritism: Tell the blu to stop it if they dont stop it they will be slayed
Freekill: 1 day tban
Mass Freekill: Perm tban
LR Denial: give the red the lr and 1 day tban the blu


Trick Orders: The warden will be told to make their order clear so the reds can understand if they dont do it they will be tban 1 day
Illegal Order/Day: Tell them that there giving orders to the reds that are against the rules if they still do it they will be slayed
Unwarden: Tell them that they cannot unwarden themself or !uw and i will give slay them
Illegal FF: FF will be disabled and give them 3hours tban
Not giving repeat: I will tell them to atleast give 1 repeat per order if they dont do it they will get 1d tban

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
I got ban by Jim
I got muted by x9_raven
I got gag by Tax Fraud
I got mute by Herald11
I got gag by Herald11
I got gag by Mark

Those are the punishments i received and i learn my lesson

Are you proficient in languages other than English? No

10000 Cold Knights

The Inheritor
Staff Member
Feb 20, 2019
Howdy Jim, I decided to drop by and give my two cents on your app, since no one else seems to have done so yet ;p
So for starters, I don't really know you enough to give an opinion based on personal experience, so I'll be focusing on the app itself, as well as prior punishments and such.
Punishment section: I'll let someone else nitpick this, but there are a few things I'd like to bring up.
Racism: 1d silence>3d silence>6d silence>1w silence>3w silence>1 month silence>3 month silence> Perm
Racism is a gag or a mute, depending on whether they use voice or text chat. We only silence individuals who either are breaking rules in text AND voice chat, or are advertising cheats/hacks.
The other issue I have is that you have decent ladders for your general punishments, yet have none for Jailbreak rules, the game mode you wish to moderate. I'd recommend adding ladders to these punishments as well.
Prior Punishments: the only bans and comms you have are the ones you listed, and you have no prior teambans, which is good.
However, there's still some concerning stuff here. You were recently commed 3 times within the expanse of 2 weeks, once for ghosting and twice for micspam, and the ban was for spamming while muted in the same time frame.
Those are the punishments i received and i learn my lesson
While I'm glad you feel that way, the recency and amount of your punishments are a little uncomfortable imo. Please try and avoid spamming voice chat in the future.
Chat Logs: Don't like what I'm seeing here.
Clearly some improvements need to be made.
Conclusion: Your punishments need a little work, and you should work on toning back your language+spamming. Other than that, good luck on your application.
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