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Declined Michon™'s Admin Application

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Jan 16, 2018
User name: Michon™


Your Age


Your SteamID
STEAM_1:0:106814731 - [U:1:213629462]

Have you managed servers previously? No

Which servers have you previously managed? None.

On what servers do you usually play on? Blackwonder | Deathrun #1/#2

Why would you like to become an admin? As I joined the server, I liked it immediately. This community is so unique, I never saw something similiar to this. This community is so unique, I love them so much. But I also saw a lot of people that broke the rules, specially deathrun rules. I want to change it, because admins are very rare on Blackwonder's Deathrun, and !calladmin is pretty useless, so I needed to report on Discord. But seriously, admins are extremely rare on this server, after I joined Discord situation was a little bit better, but still. I'm very often on Deathrun. Good admins are active admins. That's the most important reason why I want to become admin.

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

If you do know and have spoken to any staff members, please tell us their names I asked them a lot of questions, and I got all the answers, which I value: Melectrome, Will5023, Zoltan.

When are you usually available to play? Usually from 12 am to 8 pm, but it can change.

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the game modes you play General rules:

- Being offensive towards any user. > I always ask people to stop, when they don't, it's usually 1 day mute/gag, later > 1 week mute/gag, > 1 month mute/gag, > Perm mute/gag.

- spamming text or voice chat. > like previous, if someone doesn't stop, then it's 1 day mute/gag > 1 week
mute/gag > 1 month mute/gag. It's not that bad like being offensive, no permament mute/gag needed.

- English only when using voice chat. - sometimes, one sentence won't be something very dangerous, but if not stops > 1 day mute/gag > 1 week mute/gag.

- Have a mature voice when using voice communication. - If someone does not actually have a mutation, but it is not the voice of a child at the age of 8, I can allow it. but if it's actually the voice of a child at the age of 8, I could tell him to stop. > If not, it's 1 week mute > 1 month mute.

- NFSW Objector/Sprays. - The person has to change the object/spray, if I see this person is still using it in next map > Perma Spray Ban.

- hacking/cheating. - Of course, I do the demo first and then, after it, Perma Ban.

- Exploiting. - Slay unless someone reports this. If not stops, 1 Day Ban > 1 Week Ban.

- Advertising cheats/hacks. - Perma mute/gag Ban.

- Calling out undercover admin. - Okay, if somebody jokes, and stops, nothing is happening. But if continues > 1 day mute/gag

- Abusing !calladmin > 1 day ban > 1 week ban > 1 month ban.

Deathrun rules:

- Ghosting - If it's not too serious, only I will say that he shouldn't do it again. if not stops/it's more serious > 1 hour mute/gag > 1 day mute/gag > 1 wekk mute/gag.

- Delaying round - If someone keeps delaying, slay > 1 day ban > 3 day ban

- Faking freerun. - Kick > 1 day ban

- Suiciding as death. - Kick, with the message that he should change his !drtoggle.

Is there any other information you would like us to know about? No, nothing really important.


Can fly, can fight, can crow.
Staff member
Dec 19, 2016
your punishment increases are rather drastic and not quite to the standard we currently use but i wont hold that too much against you as we dont really specify anywhere what it is we increase by or start at. however some of these punishment increases seem a little random but like is usual if you were to become an admin that would get explained to you.

but now to the chatlogs. you have 5 pages of using the word cunt, 9 pages of bitch, 33 using fuck

then onto the biggies
michon 1.png
michon 2.png
michon 3.png

your chat logs are somewhat akin to a cesspit at times you have two bans for call abuse also.

right now considering your logs and your bans i cannot support you -support


Staff member
Sep 21, 2017
!calladmin is pretty useless
You got banned twice for abusing !calladmin as mentioned by Will, I can't tell if either you are joking or that the very reason why it's 'useless' to you is because you couldn't use it properly. One of them which was surprisingly recent as well.

Exploiting. - Slay unless someone reports this. If not stops, 1 Day Ban > 1 Week Ban.
So you would do nothing at all, despite being there, and wait for them to be reported and then you punish them?

Since I don't play Deathrun, like at all, I've never seen you and thus I won't judge you based on your behavior ingame. Though I will, however, judge you by your application, which those two are the only ones I'm not agreeing with, and your chatlogs which Will has provided. Although it's great that you are applying for Deathrun but unfortunately, I don't think I can support you due to the recent bans and the information provided above.

Have a good day.


Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Aug 7, 2016
Howdy Michon

After careful review of your application, we must decline you at this time. This is in-large due to your chatlogs which is not the type of attitude and demeanor we wish to project. Thank for you applying and I hope you have a nice week.
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