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Late-Night Borneo Thread whatever


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Apr 12, 2021
Nothing in particular compelled me to make this thread but I wanted to share some cool spots on pl_borneo. You'll see most of the spots are best utilized by Engineers, but there are some cool tricks to pull off with other classes. I'm also aware that there are certain exploits to get yourself out of the map and set up an impenetrable sentry nest. Go get that information elsewhere or preferably, not at all

Neat Places to Place Cheeky Sentries

Outside of BLU's Left Spawn. Gimmicky and can totally be seen from spawn. Expect one cheeky kill at best


Crates that sit behind RED's first point hold. Take note that this sentry placement does not overlook any points at all and is often more useful if it's not your team's main sentry. Great area denial for overconfident BLUs. Bonus, if an unaware BLU team focuses entirely on the objective, you can turn your sentry around and it'll be sitting right outside of their second spawn.


Sitting on the Roof on the 3rd point flank, near the garage. Actually, a sentry can go on ANY roof, so it doesn't have to go only on the flank. It can actually go anywhere on these rooves. There might be better placements, but not everyone expects a sentry to be above them. The overhangs overlooking the flank and the main point are cute little surprises for unsuspecting players.


Some Interesting Places to Cower

A pretty well-known spot to wait for unsuspecting victims is on a higher platform above the dropdown near the first point. Sentry-jumping engineers can reach this space with ease, but no buildings can be placed.


On the left side of the last point. You can get up here on a lot of mobile classes. No buildings permitted, but a great way to lock down the area as any class.


Believe it or not you can actually stand on this vent(?) on the right final push. Might take a few tries and is most consistent with a soldier, but enjoy showering enemies with rockets from above. The doorway hides a soldier sitting up there and pushing BLU's most likely aren't pushing in and looking to the skies.

Situational Misc. i guess


This window behind RED's first spawn is climbable and has made for some pretty epic spy escapes.


On the 3rd point, you can destroy nests behind this wall by aiming at the lamps overhead. The splash damage is enough to injure players and buildings alike.
alright well that's all i have. hope you learned something new. i'm not gonna make another one or anything


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