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JB map secrets


Wicked Nasty


Apr 22, 2018
If you've played JB you've probably wondered how players frequently deceive guards into getting ammo and also receiving buffs. I've decided to create a list of some of the most played JB Maps on the US server and show you all the secrets for them. This is simply a hobby of mine as i enjoy seeing what some of the maps have to offer and a lot of them are actually really cool.

(With some of the secrets listed below if they aren't followed in a specific order, it may not work.)

- This secret allows you to resize yourself and get extra health by collecting all the yellow diamonds around the map. Once you have collected them a big mushroom will spawn in the centre of cells that is RNG and could give you size,crits, or speed.

8bit secret

- This secret requires you to hit numerous objects around the map in order to get some pretty good buffs of minicrits,unlimited double jumps, and a speed boost.

alkatraz secret

- This secret allows you to launch a nuke that destroys the american flag and replaces it with a USSR one that ends the round. It is signifcantly longer than most and is harder to pull off without getting caught.

Bootcamp Secret

- This secret allows you to get crits for approximately 120 seconds and also gives you Ammo (also is relatively short and easy to complete)

Complex Secret

- This secret allows you to blow into armoury and also receive max AMMO

Daybreak MC Secret

- This secret is probably the most difficult to complete on the list but has a high reward once completed. You receive 1500 HP, unlimited jump, and speed boost.

fuckzz Secret

- This secret teleports you into Armoury

hopjb secret

- This secret allows you to get MAX ammo and also allows you to escape the map on a boat

Jailfort Secret

- This map has multiple secrets but i decided to choose the simplest one. This has a cut scene with Gman where he talks to you and gives you max ammo and teleports you ontop of a building

Lunapark secret

- This one allows you to get straight into armoury by blowing up a secret wall

mlcastle Secret

- This secret allows you to get armour behind a secret wall then you can go straight into armoury (not really a secret)

Quake Secret

- This secret is a round ending one that allows you to launch a nuke that ends the round (this one is really easy to do)

Soviet Secret

- Probably tied with fuckzz this secret is really hard to pull off in an active round of JB. It requires you to destroy multiple objects spread out around the map and gives you a secret code at the end you have to memorize. If you forget the code you aren't doing it.

Volcano Secret

- This secret includes being able to get max ammo and teleported to a safe spot to rebel

Snowballz Secret

- Super strong and easy secret to complete by pressing a few buttons you can receive an uber buff and a speed buff

Snowday Secret

- This secret allows you to escape the map and end the round although it does take some time to complete and most of the times is practically impossible during an active round

Cavernjail Secret

- This secret allows you to access a secret room within a minigame that is able to teleport you to different parts of the map of your choosing!

Dynf Secret

This secret allows you to pick up a bomb and blow up a wall that leads into armoury in which you can access all the ammo you want!

Aquarium Secret

- This secret allows you to set off a nuclear reactor that ends up exploading and completely ends the round if you pull it off successfully

District Secret

- This secrets offers you an efficient way to get into armoury without anybody noticing through teleportation

Supermario Secret - Armoury
Supermario Secret - Climb

- This secret allows you to get teleported from diner to a remote part of the map to get ammo

Casuarina Secret

- This secret allows you to access a tardis which takes you straight into armoury

WIP Secret

- This secret is accessed through obby and teleports you to a private room where you can access ammo

Turbine Secret

- This secret allows you to take a vent through cells, to get completely away from cells and have access to armoury/other ammo spots

Famousz Secret

- This is a secret not a lot of people know about which requires you to hit certain walls around the map that opens another secret wall to max ammo

Simple Secret

This secret requires you to hit a punch of portraits on certain walls to open up a secret room where you can get ammo. The room is quite interesting when opened..

Wildwest Secret

I'm going to continue to expand this list in the future hopefully having most of the rotation added here.

I guess these aren't really secrets anymore
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Wicked Nasty


Apr 22, 2018
- jb_simple
- jb_famousz
- jb_cavernjail
- jb_turbine
- jb_wip
- jb_casuarina
- jb_supermario
- jb_district_a4fix
- jb_snowballz
- jb_snowday
- jb_dynf
- jb_aquarium

@Supreme Leader(3) TY for your help
Oct 27, 2022
i got one wont you show they ant showing all of them here i get from my youtube


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