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Sep 28, 2015



Abbreviation of 'Kill on Sight'. Prisoners gain this status by breaking any of the Rules in the 'Red' section, attacking a non-baiting member of the blue team, or being defeated in a minigame where the warden specifies that the losers are KOS.

A prisoner who is KOS shall be killed by members of the blue team once they have the opportunity, and can not receive LR.

AFK Freeze

No moving, no usage of mouse, and no taunting. Healing with a medigun counts as being AFK frozen.

Examples: Moving the mouse around the area (Freelooking), Moving around in general, Crouching, Jumping, Taunting, randomly swinging your weapon or launching projectiles.

No Free Looking

No usage of mouse; you must keep looking in one direction.

Taunt Freeze

The same as AFK Freeze but you can use looping taunts that keep you in one place.

Meat Grinder/Arena

Red players fight against one another within an area specified by the warden or the map's predetermined location. May not be played as the first minigame in a round, rather used as a decider when there are fewer prisoners left after another minigame.

Out of Cell Rebel Day

All prisoners must stay in their cells until the Warden explicitly says the day itself is over.

Lava Day

All prisoners must avoid touching the ground until the Warden explicitly says the day itself is over.

Crouch Day

All prisoners must be crouching at all times until the Warden explicitly says the day is over.

Cell Wars

Warden has to announce beforehand that he will be doing Cell Wars. Friendly fire is turned on and prisoners have to kill all their cellmates. This is only allowed if you have 4 or less players on the blue team in total.

Hunger Games

All prisoners must kill each other to earn the "Last Request". This minigame has to be announced at the start of the round and cannot be played two rounds in a row.

Hide and Seek

All prisoners must hide. Blues must stay in the armoury until a time specified by the Warden. The last prisoner alive wins the "Last Request". The minigame must be announced at the start of the round. Blues are allowed to break two sided breakables when searching for reds (ie vents or hidden rooms that can be teleported into and then broken out of); This does NOT include ammo or other secrets that can only be entered and exited through the same breakable. If the game is selected from the last request menu and cells do not open on round start for whatever reason, guards must wait at least an additional minute after cell doors are opened manually. Reds may still be shot from the armory if they are seen rebelling (ie breaking into armory or another breakable) but NOT when they are simply leaving cell area on round start. The warden may end hide and seek early on a non-lr day to speed up the granting of a last request if time is running out.

War Day

All Blues go to an easily accessible location specified by the warden, and which isn't closed off by a tiny choke. Reds are released and encouraged to grab ammo, and the blues can start roaming after the reds have had a reasonable amount of time to get ammo and the warden gives permission. "Last Request" can not be earned. The minigame must be announced at the start of the round and cannot be played two rounds in a row.


This minigame cannot be played if there are more than 8 REDs alive.

If the Warden is the only living BLU, they may not play Theatre.

The REDs will be called to the stage one-by-one and asked whether they want to give a Joke, have their hat rated, have their spray rated, or have their taunt rated. The Guards must vote in team chat once the player has chosen and performed the action they chose.

The Warden cannot choose alone who lives or dies, and a vote of 50% counts as a Pass/Live for the RED player. All REDs must participate in this minigame before an LR can be given. If a Warden gives an LR to a RED that has not participated in the minigame, they are favoring and can be reported.


A maximum of 8 Reds will be given the chance to offer the Warden a meal. The Blues will then vote on whether it is a delicious meal or not. The Warden can not decide alone, and if there is only the Warden alive on the Blue team, then kitchen may not be played.


A maximum of 3 prisoners should each pick a podium. The Warden specify what happens upon right or wrong answer, and will then stand at his podium and ask a question. This game may only be played if the amount of prisoners is equal to or less than the amount of podiums on the current map.

Simon Says

Upon announcing the game, the warden is now Simon and orders given shall only be followed if they are prefaced with 'Simon Says', otherwise they can be ignored. Announcing the game's end is done as the warden, and does not have to be prefaced with 'Simon says' either.

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