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Improvements for class wars, map selection and surrendering.


New Member
Mar 31, 2022
I've noticed blackwonder has implemented a mixed map pool for class wars on one server in the US, which I am very excited about. However, it appears to be on the east coast and my ping is close to 100, which is pretty hard to play on. This seems pretty successful, given the amount of players on that server. I love class wars, but always playing on dustbowl can get very stale. I suggest:

- Trying out a mixed map pool on the west US server to provide the opportunity for more interesting gameplay for people in different parts of the US

Additionally, I've noticed that sometimes people abuse the surrender command, whenever they feel like they might lose instead of using it as a last resort when the game turns into camping. Using it on red even though they would get rolled quickly and don't want to lose, for example. Currently, surrender serves to end the game and can be very disappointing in a matchup that could be fun. To fix this, I suggest:

-Preventing the red team from surrendering OR
-Changing !surrender to/adding a separate MEDIEVAL MODE VOTE!

This would give the opportunity for a stacked matchup (Blu Spy vs Red Soldier) to not immediately quit and ruin the fun, but to invite gameplay that is more balanced and unique. Imagine instead of surrendering, you get to choose to battle with knives and fists, making for a super exciting alternative to just giving up. I've had these ideas for a while, and I think they could make class wars servers a lot more fun to play on, and a lot more full of people excited to play in a new way.


Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
Jan 16, 2019
- Trying out a mixed map pool on the west US server to provide the opportunity for more interesting gameplay for people in different parts of the US
I don't quite understand your suggestion. From how I understand this, you're requesting more maps be added to the Class Wars Rotation server, yes?

Preventing the red team from surrendering
This band-aid fix definitely won't go down well with the community imo.

Changing !surrender to/adding a separate MEDIEVAL MODE VOTE!
as in, force everyone to medieval weapons only?
From my current knowledge, there are 2 ways of doing this.
1. Using the default tf2 medieval mode cvar. This requires a map change and is persistent until disabled, and map is changed again.
2. manually restricting weapons using a custom plugin, and programming it to only restrict weapons for a single round.
Based on this, it's gonna be quite hard to get this done, for quite a minor feature that (in my opinion) won't be used much.

but to invite gameplay that is more balanced and unique
I believe people primarily play class wars for it's unbalanced and chaotic nature. The presence of RTD adds to this, allowing teams with the odds stacked against them (scout vs engineer) to win the game somehow. I've personally seen this happen.

I like the direction these ideas are headed in, but the voting change might be too drastic for the class wars community to adapt to.
I'll be watching this thread and seeing how other people respond to these suggestions.


Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
Sep 28, 2015
Not quite sure if at the current state a west coast server is a good idea.

The other medieval idea is interesting, but in practice we are ruining the round for both. Most unpopular round are usually civilian rounds, which is why they have a very low probability. So doubt that people really like melee only
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