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Hello! Quick post about these "Freddy Raids"


New Member
Jun 4, 2024
Hello Blackwonder community, Sorry for the confusion I've been informed about people raiding the server claiming to be "from me"

I just want to quickly say I've NEVER condone such actions with my channel or discord server. It might most likely be those who we're banned from my servers & want to attempt to sabotage my reputation.

I'm sorry for the troubles. Hope things get better for yall. take care!

10000 Cold Knights

Staff Member
Feb 20, 2019
No worries. Server raiding is nothing new, and rarely is it actually endorsed by the communities the raiders claim to be a part of. Likewise, if you start having trouble with raiders claiming to come from BLW, let us know and we'll try and handle it if we haven't already.


May 13, 2024
Just to note, the user who I'm 99% sure was in charge of this raid (sending ~10 "trons" to the server) earlier this week was a user by the name of "Oso." (https://steamcommunity.com/id/imgoingtostealyourliver) He was a major bot host for raids against Freddy's server (in addition to being extremely toxic), and always promoted his server, and when he raided BLW he was on his main and also promoted his server (although I didn't get to see much else because my internet died like 10 minutes after I joined the server).

Unfortunately, I do not have any explicit evidence to have action taken, I can only merely say "it was most definitely him," but do keep an eye out! If I see it again I'll collect more evidence :)

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