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Happy New Years and Farewell from Oak


Nov 18, 2018
Happy New Years to everyone in the Blackwonder community.

As you may know, I was an active mod and player on BLW during the first half of 2022 and then I drastically stopped playing TF2, however I still continued being active in the BLW Discord server. Sadly though, I said many controversial things during the whole of 2022 in which I regret doing and I am extremely sorry.

Fortunately or unfortunately I don't feel as welcomed in the BLW community as I used to be. I have made many friends in the community who I still intend on being friends with and I am very grateful you guys still chose to be friends with me. I don't however intend on talking much if at all in the Discord server from now on. Anyhow I am going to focus more on doing assignments for college to get into University and working on making myself a better person to hopefully achieve my dream of having a partner, and if successful I might return to BLW Discord to chat again.

To not leave on a sad note, I have recorded the full 14 minute firework display that happened in London for New Years from Waterloo Bridge, I hope you guys enjoy it and I will post it below as a Youtube video.


Real Darkness Owl

Blackwonder's Own
Staff Member
May 14, 2020
Awww, there is nothing wrong, I just hope you learn from a mistake, cuz I don't remember the controversy that you made. I hope you still doing well and in the future too.

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