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Declined Good idea of letting normal Blackwonders member to speak while dead?

Good idea?

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Train Overlord

Aug 27, 2018
*Assuming this is for Jailbreak*
How would this work exactly? There is no Member role in the server in terms of Plugins. There is only the Staff ranks, Donators and everyone else. It would be impossible to class players into a Member role where speaking while dead is allowed while regular players can't unless it was added to the server which you didn't suggest and how do you tell the difference between Normal blackwonder members and just regular players. Would you need to manually add them to the Member role or do they need to do something before they get the permission? On top of this I don't see the benefits if this was added. It would only add more Mic spams to the server
*Warden calls out of Cell rebel day*
*Warden orders Reds to the yellow line
*Half of the Reds comply and get to the line
*They all die
*10 Seconds pass*
*Half of Red team over Mic: FREEKILL! SLAY YOURSELF!*
*Impossible for Warden to give orders*

There is enough Mic cluster already on the server without Staff and this would only make it worse. The moment someone dies because they weren't paying attention its going to be Earrape over the Mic until the next round.

Giving it to Donators though... that could work

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