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Pending Furdroid's Moderator Application


Mildly Menacing
Aug 12, 2018
User name: Furdroid


Your Age
17 (18 in less than 2 months)


Your SteamID

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on and which one would you like to moderate?
Usually(mostly) I play on Deathrun #2 (, occasionally jumping on other servers for fun if DR is empty.
I would like to moderate Deathrun server.

Why would you like to become a moderator?
Because DR#2 is the main one for me and even if admins visit it, sometimes there are no admin available and that's when I could be useful in case some people think they can do whatever they want. Also, in my opinion I fit the mod role more than admin role because it is expected from admin to be available on different gamemodes, not only one. (Correct me on that if I'm wrong)

Do you know and have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

Please let us know the names of staff members you have spoken to or know
Tony the Fat Fluffy Wolf
I had a brief talk with a couple of others on discord and in-game, and I don't think that's worth including them for

When are you usually available to play?
Based on my timezone (GMT+5) Mon, Wed, Fri ~16:00-00:00 Tue, Thu ~14:00-00:00 Sat, Sun ~8:00-00:00 If I don't have plans; with occasional breaks
Highschool is going to be over soon so I'm expecting to be available more in the Summer
Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the server you want to moderate
General Rules
Offensive behaviour: Warning>2hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w>1m>Perm gag/mute
Spam/Micspam: Warning>30min>2hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w>1m>Perm gag/mute
Different language in voice: Warning>30min>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w mute
Immature voice: Warning>30min>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w mute
Inappropriate spray/objector/avatar/nickname: If person refuses to change 1. Perm sprayban 2,3,4. 12hr ban
Hacking/cheating: Record demo, if unsure ask other staff>Perm ban
Hacks adverts: Perm gag/mute
Calling out undercover admin: 12hr>3d>1w>1m gag/mute
!calladmin abuse: 12hr>1d>3d>1w>1m ban
Exploiting: Warning>Slay>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w ban
Deathrun Rules
Ghosting: Warning>30min>2hr>6hr>12hr>1d gag/mute
Delaying: Warning>Slay/kick>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w ban
Faking freerun: Slay>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w ban
Suiciding as death: Advise to use !drtoggle>1hr>3hr>6hr>12hr>1d>3d>1w ban

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
Last app <<This
TFstats << And this
Comparing my behaviour back then and now, I want to say that I improved my temper but I unfortunately still have some slip-offs, I know about them and I can do better.

*Added and corrected punishments for exploiting, must've forgot about it somehow; Corrected "Offensive behaviour" first punishment; Corrected "!calladmin abuse"
**Added a sidenote to "When are you available to play"
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Staff member
Feb 1, 2017
Hello Furdroid.

I like your application and it's well made, but there are things I would like to point out.
!calladmin abuse: 12hr>1d>3d>1w>1m gag/mute
In this case, you would ban the person, not gag or mute. Gag or mute does not prevent players from using commands.

I couldn't find anything worth mentioning in your discord chatlogs. I did find something in tfstats.
Looking at your previous application, I can see that your chatlogs have improved which you also mentioned yourself.

I think you would be a great assist to the deathrun server(s) but for now, I will stay Neutral and see what the other staff members have to say about you.
Good luck.


Cutiepie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
Could you list your prior forum and discord names for me? Pretty sure I knew you under a different name and want to give a fully fleshed out response.


Mildly Menacing
Aug 12, 2018
Of course, Jim. My previous nicknames on the forums were: Lennyfaec, Android
Almost same on discord: Lenny, Connor
I've changed from Lenny around September and from Connor/Android around the beginning of April
Edit: Sorry, made a mistake, because I wrote this from phone early in the morning
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