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[FF2] Fixing slowed-down game without needing to Restart TF2

Shadow Mario | blw.tf

Staff member
Aug 14, 2017
Did you left when a boss with "Speed Management" (like Ninja Spy) was using his ability, and now the menus are slowed down too? That's so easy to fix that even a Baby could do it.

A friend of mine had this problem and i helped him, then i thought in making a guide for it, now let me explain why do this happens, the "Speed Management" ability sets the Timescale to 0.2 (in most of bosses) to make everything look slow, this means that a second would take 5x more time to end, or simply 5 seconds, if you set the Timescale to 10, it would make a second take only 0.1s to end, and also would make the menu work way faster, and after the ability time ends, it sets the Timescale to 1.0 again. But when you leave the game while it is activated, it won't set the timescale to 1.0, it will stay at 0.2.

After leaving, type host_timescale 1 and it should be fixed, if the command don't work, try enabling cheats with sv_cheats 1.

This is a very uncommon problem, but if the round end with Speed Management activated, everything will still be slow until a player play as a boss that can do Speed Management and wait until it end, it hopefully won't work in some servers or some bosses.

<Sorry for any typos, i made this guide quickly and don't had time to look up to typos>

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