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Declined False Gag and False Mute

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May 16, 2019
What was your type of punishment?:

What is your SteamID?

Who has punished you?

Why were you punished?
For supposedly offending someone which I wasn't given the context of or the words used (Aka, Herald provided no sufficient evidence to gag) and a Mute for a supposed Mic Spam, at the end of a round on a Map Change

Why should we revoke your punishment?

For the Gag

Herald stated with no sufficient evidence that I was gagged due to offending someone, simply just gagged me for offending someone, I asked him if he knew by any chance why I was gagged in the Discord in to which he replied "You said something that offended someone" (In short).

For the Mute
At the end of map jb_fuckzz_v1 I believe is what its called, There were 3 people mic spamming oudyaa and two others who are supposedly on oudyaas friends list because they all left around the same time on the first map, I was muted as well not via visual evidence as to my mic staying on and screaming into it, but as to hearing. (Herald thought he heard me mic spam so he just muted me.) I am unable to provide evidence for this as I wasn't able to grab a recording, and at the start of the next map was muted, so literally cannot grab a recording.

In General
Herald has been very vague with these two punishments which ARE false, he has stated multiple times that he will not investigate if I couldn't provide a demo, which due to the circumstances I was unable too. He is known as well for doing false mutes on others. As I was in the discord discussing this with him I will admit as I was already pissed off about it because it was false, I stated that I would not cuss towards a moderator/admin if it was justified and true. However both these punishments are false. I don't like to cause drama or bad relations between an admin/player relationship. But getting two false punishments in one day is absolute bullshit.


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Feb 2, 2017
He is known as well for doing false mutes on others.
No, he's not. I don't know why @Jim feels the need to be against the admin team and give misleading information. Herald doesn't commonly give false mutes/gags as Jim wants you to think. I'm sorry that someone misinformed you. Now, in terms of herald not having evidence or wanting to investigate unless you provide a demo is just how we handle things here. We can't get evidence of every single punishment we give out and since Herald is an active admin, he'll have hundreds of files of unnecessary trash taking up space. Also, trying to get proof of every single thing is just obnoxious. Another thing I want to add is that Herald could probably get evidence for your gag, but only if tfstats comes back online (tfstats tracks chat logs for each player and as I am typing this it's down).


Sep 14, 2017
First off, my apologies for the delay on responding to your appeal, as tfstats were down and I have been busy this weekend until now. Unfortunately, with tfstats being down your chatlogs were not recorded, but just by glancing through your chat logs from the 13th it further proves my point of the toxicity and disrespect you have shown towards other players.

For the mute:

You and a few others were micspamming while the map was changing, thinking that was okay, but it was not. Your voice was one of the easiest to hear through all the noise because your voice is significantly deeper than the people micspamming. Seeing that you've been muted in the past for micspamming and recently silenced for "memeing that every time he dies he got freekilled" just tells me that you have not learned from your previous punishments and do not deserve an ungag or unmute.

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