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Duel Me?


Nov 25, 2019
Well i saw my self how bad i am.

I am decent at flick aiming

(Killing them is the first numbers, the second numbers is i get killed by the enemy)

playing classes:

Scout: it's 50/50, i kill em or i get killed

Soldier: i am a little good at predicting so i kill em 60/40.

Pyro: i am decent at airblasting, but i panic airblast a little too much. 50/50

Demoman: decent at predicting so 60/40

Heavy: i don't play a lot of heavy so it's 50/50

Engineer: i place my sentry where it defends most of the time, so 60/40

Medic : i'm not good at the crossbow and timing uber, so it's 40/60

Sniper: i flick aim so it's 55/45

Spy: i know trickstabs but i can't do em, so it's 45/55
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