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Read Me Donor rules

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Aug 26, 2017
This thread exists to lay out some rules for people who have donated to Blackwonder. As you know, being a donor gives you access to more commands than normal players. Some of these commands are general fun commands, such as custom colors in chat, resize able heads, etc.

However, as you also may know, donors have access to vote commands. These are commands that allow donors to help enforce our server rules, by slaying, kicking, muting, or gagging rulebreakers. There is a lot of room for abuse with these commands (specifically in Jailbreak) so let this serve as an official guide to when you can use your vote commands, and when you should not.

You are not obligated to enforce server rules. With your donor, you can choose to only use the fun commands, and that is completely alright. Just know that if you do decide to use votes, that, should you abuse them, you will be on grounds for a server ban and an donor removal, with no refund of your money or possibility to get your rank back. Use these commands with care, remember you are doing this for the good of all players on this server. Warning players before calling votes is always a good idea and lets them learn from their mistakes.

If you see any donor that engages in breaking any of the following rules, and have a demo, replay, or video evidence, please report (https://blackwonder.tf/applicationform/report-a-player.3/form) them so they can receive punishment for abuse.

Simple summary of philosophy and topics:

In general, as a donor you should use your common sense. Vote mute, and vote gag should be used when a player breaks a rule in the chat or over the mic. Vote slay should be used if a player is griefing the game, whether by exploiting, stealing, breaking the various JB rules; vote slay is for anything that cannot be solved with the vote mute or vote gag commands. Vote kick should be used for players who excessively break rules that would normally result in slays (whether you have been slaying them or not).

The rules are important, and you should uphold them to the best of your ability if you intend to enforce them. As a donor you are not immune to the server rules, nor given the permissions to make up rules when you want.

Simple Do-nots:

Do not:
- Call votes on yourself. They disrupt the game, especially in (but not limited to) Jailbreak and stop legitimate votes or other menu related events from happening. Calling a vote on yourself will cause you to receive a server ban for disrupting the game.
- Call votes on your friends, or people who ask for it. They did nothing wrong, and should you call votes on someone who has not broken server rules, you could have your donor removed if a player records and reports you, or if witnessed by an admin.
- Call votes as a joke. Votes are meant to enforce server rules, and considering you cannot cancel your vote once it is called like an admin can, your vote must be with a valid reason pertaining to the rules.
- Color yourself as a member of the enemy team. It's unfair, and creates a "pay to win" scenario where a donor would get an advantage by tricking the enemy team.
- Generally use your donor commands to gain an advantage in the game (Using /robot in Jailbreak when the warden says "no crouching," or using it to hide the wind up for a lethal taunt). Donor commands are intended for vanity and enforcing rules, not granting the donor a gameplay advantage.


Vote slay:
- Getting out of the map, becoming invincible, or any form of map or server exploit.
Vote gag:
- Being rude (not just friendly banter, genuinely rude or disrespectful) to another player, and/or with excessive vulgarity/racism.
- Spamming the chat by using binds (Generally if they are taking up most of the chat box, it would be considered spam).
- Advertising hacking/cheating software.

Vote mute:
- Being rude (not just friendly banter, genuinely rude or disrespectful) to another player, and/or with excessive vulgarity/racism.
- Spamming the mic, via repetitive noises, excessively loud noises, or playing music.
- Advertising hacking/cheating software.
- Underage and on the microphone, such as a very squeaky voice (does not apply to Jailbreak).
- Using a voice changer to make their voice intentionally more annoying.

Vote kick:
- Hacking/cheating (you must be SURE. Kicking a player because they are good at the game is not permitted and is grounds for donor removal. Should someone question your kick, you must be able to provide them with ample evidence).
- Consistently exploiting after being slayed.



Note that your votes will interfere with the warden's ability to use his menu. Think about when a good time to call votes would be. If you call a vote at the end or beginning of the round, the warden may not be able to open the cells for an extended period of time.

Furthermore, please reread these (https://blackwonder.tf/pages/jailbreak/) rules, as the following donor rules will reference many of them.

Vote slay:
- Exploiting or hiding in an area unreachable by the enemy team, and thus delaying the round.
- If a player has freekilled, and you have confirmed their actions are freekill (This can be done by asking the suspected freekiller why they killed the player. If they refuse to answer, attention with mic may be needed. If they still refuse to answer, you may slay them after asking them to slay themselves).
- In the act of mass-freekilling (see vote mute mfk section for more info).
- If a player, on the blue team, is given warden and either has not given orders by 9:25, or has unwardened under an illegal reason (players may legally unwarden if they, upon being given warden, attempted to use their mic but it was inaudible/broken. This player did not know that their mic did not work, and should not be punished unless they continue to play on the blue team with this broken mic. Furthermore, if another player is given warden 3-4 times in a row, they would be considered warden hogging and may legitimately unwarden. Finally, if a player force wardens, but another blue wants to be warden, the player who force wardened may legally unwarden so the other may become warden).
- If a player on the red team abuses a personal freeday (Freeday abuse consists of griefing buttons/minigames, constantly forcebaiting and getting in the way of blues, griefing reds with collisions by pushing them from their destination or to their death in a minigame, or breaking a breaking WITHOUT the intent to use the ammo behind it. The freeday may break into armory if they wish, but they may not break the breakable 'for the meme' and then leave. The intent to use it must be there).
- If the warden participates in choosing an illegal minigame, after being told that said minigame is illegal, such as gladiator day, arena/meatgrinder as the first game, or chaining special days.

Vote mute:
- No microphone on blue team. However, you may NOT mic check. The only valid way to check if a blue player has no mic, is if they admit it while warden, or do not give orders while warden. Players are not obligated to answer donors truthfully, or to answer them at all. Thus, while you may ask blue members if they have mics, you may NOT vote mute them unless they become warden and do not use their mic.
- Broken a rule that is worthy of a teamban (as a mute will also double as a teamban in jailbreak), such as an intentional (malicious intent) freekill, or breaking a rule a second time after having already been slayed in previous rounds.
- In the process of mass freekilling. You must use your own judgement, remember that it is safer to have a vote kill the mass freekiller, than the warden using friendly fire the next round. Also remember that this player will be on blue the next round, so make sure they are muted by the time the next round starts. However, if the mass freekiller is about to end the round, it is safer to mute them, because a new round will be starting regardless, and the player will not be on blue again for the next round. However, if you notice them just start to mass freekill, and know the round can be salvaged within the 15 seconds it takes to vote, you may slay them.

Vote kick:
- On the blue team, and is either given warden, or is generally AFK for at least 1-2 minutes.
- If a player who has mass freekilled has been muted already (and if this player mass freekilled with malicious intent. Players who accidentally killed a group of reds made a mistake, and while a mute is fine, do not kick these players. On the other hand, people who choose to break Blackwonder rules do not deserve to play ingame with other players, so kicking them is fine and will help prevent against them freekilling as soon as your mute ends).



Vote slay:
- Fake freerun.
- Player is AFK.

Vote gag:
- Ghosting information during a non-freerun.
Vote mute:
- Ghosting information during a non-freerun.


For the exact VSH rules and clear definitions of what being friendly and ghosting are, please read wolf's rules (https://blackwonder.tf/threads/saxton-hale-rules-in-depth-details.3966/) where he goes in depth on the explanations.

Wolf personally insists you read these if you intend to enforce rules on VSH, as there are a lot of scenarios where you may think the hale is friendly, but he is not. If you seriously intend on helping VSH servers, read Wolf's rules.

Vote slay:
- Delaying by camping on either team.
- Being friendly by purposely not targeting their friends, or delaying the round by not killing the last player (be careful when evaluating if a hale is being friendly. If they are just trying to target specific classes, then they are not being friendly. However, if consistently each round, the hale acts friendly towards one player and leaves them for last, they are being friendly and can be slayed).

Vote mute:
- Ghosting the location of reds to the hale, or location of hale to the reds.
Vote gag:
- Ghosting the location of reds to the hale, or location of hale to the reds.


Vote slay:
- Delaying the round, Stealing the rocket, or blocking the rocket.

Vote kick:
- Continuously delaying the round, stealing, or blocking the rocket.


Vote kick:
- Spawn camping by stopping the enemy team from leaving spawn.


Vote kick:
- Scam attempts.
- Hosting paid raffles.

Vote mute:
- Mic hogs (not giving priority to advertisers).
Vote gag:
- Flooding chat with trade binds (binds should be one per chat cycle).


Using commands can be risky, such as if someone is impersonating other player so they can break rules. To stop this, you can type "status" in console to bring up a list of IDS of all players online. Once you have identified the player, make your vote with "#1234" instead of their name. This will target their ID. The 3-4 digit number can be found on the same line as their ID, and will be specific to them, and specific to the current session.

Example: /votemute #1234

Final notes/disclaimer:

As a disclaimer, this post will not always be the same. Rules change, and the staff may decide that different commands should be used differently. If you plan on citing this as your source in an argument about donor abuse, please reread all sections you need because there may and likely will be changes. This is being currently worked on, if multiple admins disagree with this post ingame, there is likely a change inbound, so listen to what the admins are telling you.

-Edited deathrun rule wording
-Edited dodgeball rules
-Added trade rules
-Edited wording on some "do-nots" to make them more readable and make more sense.
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