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Discord Rules


Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015

No spamming voice and text chats

Nobody likes spam, so please do not do it.

No racist, sexist, or homophobic language

If you want to be rude, do it elsewhere. We do not want it here.

No NSFW content

We prefer to have the discord clean of nudity and gore.

No randomly pinging anyone or tagging @event

It's unnecessary and obnoxious.

No revealing others personal information

Respect people's privacy.

No sexual conversations

We do not want people to feel uncomfortable or disturbed.

No insulting others

Please treat everyone with respect. If you don't like someone, ignore or block them.

No advertising malicious discords or sites

You are allowed to advertise discords and such as long as you aren't actively spamming it and it follows Discord's TOS.

Use adequate text channels for what you want to post

It is fairly easy to figure out, if you require help, go to "Request Help". If you are posting memes, go to "Memes". If you are struggling, maybe ask instead of breaking the Rules.

Use common sense

Be reasonable.

English Only

So we can all understand each other. :]

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