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Pending Dankoro_Prime's Moderator Application


New Member
Nov 19, 2022
Username: Dankoro_Prime


Your Age

Do you have at least 3 days cumulative days of playtime on Blackwonder servers in the last year? Yes

Have you been punished in the last 60 days? No

Have you had an application declined in the last 90 days? No

Do you have a microphone? Yes

Have you read the forum guide on how to apply? Yes

New York

Your SteamID2

Your DiscordID

Have you managed servers previously? No

On what servers do you usually play on, and which servers would you like to moderate?
I mainly play on the blackwonder 24/7 2fort server in the USA so i would prefer to moderate there if possible.

Why would you like to become a moderator?
To make the community friendly and welcoming for new players, and to help enforce against cheaters and people who make the game generally unfair

Do you know or have spoken to any of the current staff members? Yes

Please let us know the names of staff members you know or have spoken to
Ash from the 24/7 2fort server

How often do you play TF2?
daily, 4-5 hours when i am not working.

Please give us your ideal way of punishing players, specific to the servers you want to moderate
racism will of course not be tolerated along with any conversations that are making a group uncomfortable based on their own ethnicity/identity/sexuality. This should be a community around fun and making friends, of course banter will not be counted as long as its within good fun.

Is there any other information you would like us to know about?
Many of the usual people here know me as a good person, and will happily advocate for me. my goal is as simple as that, to make this place more welcoming.

Are you proficient in languages other than English? No
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