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Read Me Commonly rejected Suggestions

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Sep 28, 2015
Upon receiving many requests to do so, we finally agreed on making a no bhop deathrun. However, after the server being up for more than half a year, it was decided to shut it down due to the lack of players.

A server has been created with the best possible conditions of succeeding. However initial hype wore of and the server died within a week. After a few months the server was killed

As Valve's TOS states that it is forbidden to give people items that they do not possess, we are not instating a /taunts command.

We try to keep our donator perks as non pay to win as possible. We believe the perks are not disruptive enough to justify removing them.

There are many pass time community servers out there. They are all dead. Why would ours be any different?

Please use the right page to appeal your ban: https://blackwonder.tf/form/punishment-appeal.3/select

dr_delay_b3_finalLow quality
dr_forest_b7_fix2Low quality & constant static noise?
dr_js_arcade_v9_1 (Update)Added a super precise jump which is not fun
dr_prison_escape_v7https://gamebanana.com/mods/74572 Map has teleporter to activator
dr_mario_story_pm64_v1Crashes server when launched
dr_school_run_v4Constant ear rape music
dr_pyramid_a1Map is leaking and pretty boring
dr_wackyforest_roVery uninspired map
dr_marioparty_v04Creates too many entities leading to server crashes
dr_yiffzonePoor quality and bad theme
dr_9_plus_10_v2Really low quality
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