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Changes to jailbreak

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Sep 24, 2018
This suggestion thread is more going to be a way to know how the community feels about certain nerfs and they affected the jb scene good or worse I understand this can ruin the 'welcoming new players' aspect as this wouldnt be clearly shown to them please let me know of any weapons you think should change or stay the same i'd like to hear the jailbreak communitys thoughts on these changes and give them a chance to speak out on weapons that might need rebalancing,

The Ambassador

Before Jungle inferno a good spy with this gun could be the bane of blus but now its kinda fallen into the 'meh' bin completely overshadowed by the L' Etranger and stock.
A good way personally to balance this could have a plugin to where the speed you can pull out the gun be slower but make the distance fall off much shorter and the 1200 world unit cap Increased to make the gun somewhat viable again, I understand if it's buffed too hard it will become a menace and if its underbuffed it will still be useless I just feel like in a jailbreak setting the gun does not preform at all. feel free to comment your oppinion on my changes and add new suggestions if you see fit.

The Razorback im starting to see a trend

The razorback, It's almost a 100% chance a good or smart sniper picks this due to the sheer ammount of spies in jailbreak who run at you swinging.
Even if they were to get a lucky stab It would all be for nothing as less than 25seconds later he has a new razorback making it virtually impossible without ammo to take down razorback snipers without crits making it really unfun to play against. a way to balance this could add a change to the way the item works where it needs ammo/med packs to start the 30second recharge. So the item isnt nerfed too hard the overheal penalty could be lessened so even if they lose a razorback and cant leave warden a friendly medic will help them recover(Another way to start recharge of the shield could be when you get healed by a disp/medic?) Feel free to comment on the thread

The Vaccinator

In jailbreak games its common to see reds using uber or krits but I feel the vaccinator is really underrated and overpowered due to the setting of most maps in the roster right now
Im suprised more medics aren't running the "Get vacc charges spam them and use the bullet resistance/explosive to surf away from blus giving them no chance to fight a vacc medic effectively now put on the ubersaw and you have a canteen per hit giving you even more chances to crit a scout and keep bhopping off. A good way to fix this is putting a delay between the times medic can use the charges so he cant constantly keep popping vaccinator charges, this doesn't need an upside its broken as hell

Ullapool Caber


Should be self explanatory on why the caber is nearly the worst weapon in jailbreak for both teams, You do more damage depending on the angle you hit the target leading to light classes sometimes being 1shot and sometimes living I understand this would probably be hard to program but a recharge to the caber but reducing the damage on the bomb a little bit could balance it out to where the bomb does more than stock but you need to wait(lets say 30sec like razorback) before the bombs recharged, it would make the caber somewhat viable for both teams instead of having this straight downgrade to the stock. A cool balance change like "all random crits become minicrits" would negate the chance of a lucky demo doing 324 damage in 1hit for nothing but a lucky hit

10000 Cold Knights

Staff member
Feb 20, 2019
Aiight, here we go:
The Ambassador/Caber: I'm neutral on these, while they certainly could use some QoL changes, that seems more like something Valve has to deal with rather then just making some kooky server plugins for them, but maybe thats just me :/
The Razorback: Automatic No, this item is one of the only things preventing a coordinated group of freeday spies from just running over guards on Freeday for Other rounds. Plus, equipping this means you lose out on the Cozy Camper and the SMG, arguably better secondary options for the class.
The Vaccinator: Again, no. While the vaccinator may seem powerful on the surface, its a lot easier to stop then you'd think. Firstly, you have to commit to a damage type when you pop, meaning that teamfire or any class with a backup weapon that does a different type of damage than their primary can mow you down easily. Secondly, the Weapon offers zero protection from melee attacks, meaning that you (and in some cases, your heal target), can die in a single hit. The Vac is good because Blus often underestimate it, not because its inherently overpowered and doesnt need a nerf in my book.


Cutest Pie <3
Staff member
Dec 3, 2016
Unless there's something fundamentally broken with a weapon (like gas passer being available to reds) weapons shouldn't have their characteristics changed.

Cake :3

Notably Dangerous
Staff member
Apr 18, 2018
1) Its an uber. A small one but it is one nonetheless.
2) If a red med melee's you thats just you being a bit too close to 'em
1) Quite a useless change since a situation where you caber someone & your target survives just means that you will die as a rebel even faster.
2) The Crits into minis is terrible for blu. Since they relly on crits for control most of the time.

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