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Blackwonder UU Patch Notes: 1.14

Cake :3

Notably Dangerous
Staff member
Apr 18, 2018
Overall changes:
Increased spawn uber duration, (3.4 to 4.0) Replaced with 100% Damage res in spawn area.
If you change weapons, only then will the upgrade menu reset Removed due to slight lag in the buy menu that would scale up with the ammount of players using the menu.
All Weapons: Removed Slow On Hit, This basically means that shield on Demoman will always be better for Demoman than stickies for mobility. Slow was only annoying anyway.
Minigun: Removed Mod Mini-crit Airborne, I really didn't want to nerf its damage, so instead I decided to only make it weaker against soldiers and sticky spam.
Sniper Rifle: Buffed Full charge damage, Full charge damage was basically completely useless due to you being very vulnerable and the high delay meant that spamming always ended up doing more damage.
Medic Shield: Buffed shield damage, I really don't know why I even nerfed it in the first place, it's really bad.
Stickybomb Launcher: Added chargespeed and damage scales off of charge. This was added due to the fact that stickies fall off in their damage really quickly, and you also needed a macro or autoclicker to spam efficiently. Now you dont since you can just hold m1 to get the max out of it.
Medigun: Buffed Ubercharge rate, nerfed uber duration. Ubercharge rate becomes absolutely useless because you can quickly just get your uber using a melee or primary, and uber duration is just way too long, (~88 secs of invuln?), buffed Doooctoor tweak in cost efficiency. (Prev. was ~170k for 720%)
Manmelter: Added crit burning players. Added Proj Speed. The reasoning of adding this is because... It just sucks in every way.
Cow Mangler: Reverted buff to secondary dmg multiplier. Added Projectile speed. Cow mangler is pretty often regarded as an "insanely good weapon," its not. The projectile speed means that stock rocket launcher is a direct counter, and the only good thing that comes out of it is a mere +40% cost efficiency for your secondary dmg multiplier.
Soda/Sandvich: Reduced dmg taken from all to -50% This was a huge reason why people would even go heavy or scout in the first place, since taking 6.66x less damage was a huge difference, I will also however add more cost efficiency to the weapons of these classes.
Razorback: Overheal penalty is now removable.
Sapper: Buffed Leach, I really like leach, but its garbage tbh. (from 3 to 5 per buy)
Sentry Gun: Increased stats overall, added resistance to sentries.
Things that I would buff, but I don't know a good method of: Shotgun: Remove/reduce recoil, This really is the only thing bad about the shotgun, it would be about as good as the pistol if it didn't have this flaw. Works really well but its still not perfect.

Cake :3

Notably Dangerous
Staff member
Apr 18, 2018
Changes as of 07.10.2019

The patch doesn't go through instantly. Might be on the next day.

Balance & Patches

Buffed Direct Flame Damage Multipliers for all flamethrowers.

Phlog doesnt have airblast upgrades anymore (They dont work anyways)

Minisentry damage bonus changed ( 1.5x -> 1.1x )

Fixed sentries doing crit damage (intended to be if weapon is crit boosted, do crit dmg.)

Fixed Grenade Launchers 3-rd multiplier not working.

Renamed Armor piercing damage to Damage Multiplier due to new players thinking that it actually helped pierce armor.

Changed Building Regeneration Timer ( 5 sec -> 1 sec). Building regeneration was scaled to the change above so dont worry about it being unbalanced.

Weapon Specific Changes:

Added 1 sec slowdown on hit to compensate the non-existent airblast.

Syringe Gun:
Changed syringe gun Accuracy scales to Damage Hidden Multiplier due to Acuracy scales not working.

Brass Beast:
Added 1.35x damage bonus hidden due to the unremovable penalty it has.

Medic Shield:
Medic shield duration cost changed ( 1000 -> 600 )
Medic shield damage increase ratio changed ( 0.17 -> 0.1 )

Scout Melee:
Now deals 65 base damage.
No longer gets stock melee upgrades when using multiclass melee

Spy Melee:
No longer gets stock melee upgrades when using multiclass melee

Gas Passer:
Now takes resistance from fire & ranged.
Added 2 new damage multipliers to it.
Has a 20% exponential armor penetration multiplier. ( armorReduction ^ 0.8 = totalReduction )

Added these attributes as removable:
Grenades Shatter on contact
Ubercharge rate penalty when overhealed
Airblast cost increased
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