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Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Part 4: The Guide For The Teams

Mr. Walker

Nov 8, 2019
Hello it is I, Mr. Walker, former no. 1 player of Black-Wonder Zombie Survival U.S, back for the 4th time because I have nothing better to do and today I will help you learn the basics of how to support your team and do some certain common strats and not be useless hunk of organs, and then you'll also know what to do with your team together to both defeat the engineer's as medic and survive together as engineer.

Make sure when joining a game, plan out your priorities first-hand so you don't get you, and your whole team dying and then losing.

First we'll be looking at Blu team again, the medics!

Your job as a Medic is to kill all engineers, and help your fellow zombies in any situation / circumstance.
Your job as a Warden Medic is to kill all engineers, find hiders, call medic to lead the medics to where they need to be to attack.
Your job as a Juggernaut Medic is to kill all engineers, find hiders, call medic and lead the medics, be the front-line force to make a team pushes to defeat engineers.

Who should you go kill first?

In most cases, since a LOT of engineers try to hide in this zombie survival server a bunch, you could target them first to kill since they usually overestimate their hiding prowess, usually are by themselves and can't aim for the most part and you'll get more medic teammates.

You could go for engineers that attempt to copy or preform Jet-Pack type spots considering they follow what other more experienced players do to survive, and usually they aren't exactly the most sharpest in survivability.

Whenever you're a Zombie:

As a Medic, if you're having issues killing a engineer but you don't have anybody around you, here is what you can do, take cover and call medic, calling medic will notify your team that you saw a engineer and will most likely go after whoever it is.

As a Medic, if your team is having a tough time making a push through a colony, you can do 2 things, A: switch your melee to the Amputator, doing the melee taunt will grant every medic around you generated hp, and the hp regen of your taunt can stack with another Amputator medic, that's the most helpful you can do if you hate dying.

As a Uber-saw Medic, your slow melee swings will make take longer to take out buildings of any sort, leave them to Bone-saw users, if you also have the Uber-saw equipped, try if you can kill a engineer by using the taunt-kill with the Uber-saw, although be careful not to do it in-front of a line of fire or a medic in-front of you because your hits won't register if a medic is in your way.

As ANY Medic, let a few medics attack through cramped spaces since if more medics attempt to attack all at once, your attacks will not register correctly because everyone is clumped and your hits and so will taunt-kills will do nothing, so like let 2 or so medics hit the dispensers unless you've got more space to attack.

If you're having a really hard time trying to defeat a engineer nest, ask your team to get somebody to use the Amputator via chat or microphone so people can get hp to attack faster, try to call medic to get as much medics to hold on until you've gotten enough medics for a push, and use the "MEDIC" voice-line to tell your team where they need to be in and so as well chat.

If you think you have a clear shot of a engineer, use your Leaps and Leap into the engineer, then hit him get more damage so he's more susceptible of dying.

Use the 2nd Leap ability if you see a engineer is a higher-than-usual spot for a singular Leap.

Whenever you're a Warden:

As a Warden Medic, if you see a group of engineers and you feel like you need help, try to take cover and get a bit closer and if your Seeker temperature hits "Cool" then it's your time to press "E" to immediately teleport up to 4 medics to help out and make sure you lead them to where they need to attack.

If you have Seeker, then its a great time to start finding hiders and roaming engineers since they'll be the main usage for Seeker mostly and with the temperature meter, it will be a piece of cake.

As a Warden Medic, make sure that if you spot a base or a cluster of random engies and you have enough medics for a team push, call medic to clean them all out.

As a Warden Medic, if you're facing against a really aggressive engineer or base, try to sneak around and when the time comes, get close then call medic to teleport 4 medics for a sneak attack.

As a Warden Medic, teleport a couple of medics near a Juggernaut if he needs to attack so he can get some damage resistance from being near other meds.

Whenever you're a Juggernaut:

As a Juggernaut, your team will depend on you highly because of how you have all of the important abilities and attributes of a medic combined, especially when facing a engineer nest is when your team will need you the most for your damage resistance to make the pushes, so be in the front-lines of the medic since you're the strongest one to attack.

As a Juggernaut, be the medics that attack first and in-front since your damage resistance can take a huge beating if you have 5-6 medics nearby you.

As a Juggernaut, tell a team when to push and try your best to communicate and coordinate with them.

As a Juggernaut, never go Amputator, or really any other melee other than stock because as the main tank of the team, you need to be attacking not healing.

As a Juggernaut, once you've noticed that you've gotten 56 - 65% damage resistance, rush in.

Now for we'll be looking at the Red team, the engineers!

Whenever you roam:

If you're going to battle engineer / roam around I highly suggest you use the load-out of either Panic Attack, Shot-Gun or Widow-Maker alongside Pistol and Gunslinger, (Short Circuit in some places).

Use the Gunslinger if you don't feel confident or safe that you'll survive as Gunslinger is the ONLY melee weapon that grants the engineer a health bonus and gives them 150 health much like a normal medic so you have the obviously more higher likelihood of surviving, if you don't happen to own a Gunslinger, either craft for it or go to the Mann Co. Store for a week-long weapon trial.

Use perks that give you a offensive advantage such as Lone Wolf, Jet-Pack (Both Battery And Norm), Texas Style.

Be hyper-aware of your surroundings, in most cases a medic will attempt to slip by you unnoticed then flank you to death.

If you see something yellow and piss-colored, s h o o t h i m.

Don't overextend or over-estimate how long you can push further, every time a medic dies their spawn protection timer increases, plus pick a good camp spot.

Get several engineers to help out if you don't feel confident that you can hold onto yourself.

If you feel that a medic is going to try to Leap at your face so he can hit you and knock-out half of your hp, he or she probably will, so when a medic Leaps at you, try to dodge his attacks or intercept his movements so he can't get a clean shot at you.

Always jump around if you see a medic because you can boost off of medic's Leap hits and normal hits to launch you backwards.

Whenever you're Nesting:

When using the Eureka Effect, don't suddenly bail out your whole team because a tiny bit of medics got past nor if there was a medic push unless they fully have broken all in.

If you're planning to do a colony, make sure it IS a good spot, then lead the team to it by telling them where to go or leading them to it, upgrade the dispensers in the front because it's more important that you fortify the front more so because if medics manage to come inside first, they'll be able to easily bust right in, by upgrading the front dispenser you'll see the likelihood of them actually busting in much lower.

Setup tele-frag traps near the base so that when medics make a push, they target your tele-frag trap firsthand or meds on ontop of the tele-frag, step on the teleporter to insta-kill medics on it, then run back inside.

If your camp spot or engie nest is located near a staircase or is led by a staircase, setup teleporters on the staircases so medics are forced to jump on the teleporters and make them take even longer to approach the front-lines.

If there is a ton of medics on Blu team and they're about to push, get a engineer to help upgrade the dispenser / tele-frag when the medics are attacking it so the other engineers can focus on fighting back.

If somebody asks you to move a building or yourself, don't be a stubborn mule and let them place a building.

When trying to find a potential colony spot for your team, make sure it doesn't have a lot of openings / areas to defend.

Ask a engineer to equip the Berserk perk for a nest, they'll be of great assistance to counter mass pushes.

Whenever you hide:

When hiding, don't try to get the attention of any engineer at all so they don't sell you out or ruin your spot.

Do not make any sounds, like I seriously mean do not, if you have eureka effect and has placed a teleporter escape exit and a medic is currently hitting it, whip out your destruction P.D.A and get rid of the building that the medic is trying to destroy immediately because when any building goes down, the engineer will automatically say "Dispenser down!" as it is v e r y loud and you'll get caught most likely.

Make sure your hiding spot is actually something legit good, plus don't give out hints to where you're at, they already have seeker, do not overestimate your spot either and don't say shit in chat like, "You guys will never find me", avoid using microphone because the mic sign sticks out like a sore thumb, use Jet-Pack to go to places faster and gain access to better hiding spots, another oddly helpful hint is to try to give out fake hints to where you're at, say something dumb or make the lie more convincing like, "I'm at point A" when in-reality you're somewhere far away from that point, lying will save you, just don't do it so often because people will find out.

Don't always constantly hide in every round nor use the exact same spot to go in because medics soon or later will catch onto you, unless you're for sure certain they won't which is very small so I suggest not to risk it.

Not every map is necessarily good with Eureka Effect, just so you know.

Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Server I.P's: (U.S server) (B.W server) (N.Y server)

Thank you so much for reading this final guide!

Hopefully it helped!
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