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Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Part 2: Guide For Engineers / Humans

Mr. Walker

Nov 8, 2019
Hello it is I, Mr. Walker, former no. 1 player of Black-Wonder Zombie Survival U.S, back again because I cannot sleep, today I will help you learn the basics of how engineer perks work and what you really want to learn as for ways to survive, in-a-long guide you'll learn almost everything for engineer / human to know before or afterwards so you don't get confused much as to what to do.

What is your main objective of being in Red team / human engineers?

Why obviously since it's called "Zombie Survival", your main objective is to survive and try not to get killed by the medics / zombies on Blu team, if you're still alive after the round timer ticks to 0, you win!

The Perk System: What is it?

The Perk System is the name behind, well, the Perk System, to get started, type !zs_perks to open up a menu bar that shows up to your left side of the screen, by paying attention you'll see 5 perks, those being DEFAULT, BERSERK, EMPOWERED, JET-PACK, FREEZER. The way you select a perk is simple, press a number key that corresponds to the perk aside, press 1 is default, press 2 is berserk and so-on and so-forth.

The menu has 2 sides, the other side containing 5 other perks, press 9 to view the other side of the perk menu containing 5 other perks of those being, PUSHER, LONE WOLF, SNEAKY PARDNER, TEXAS-STYLE, BATTERY JET-PACK and you too have to press the same corresponding keys for the 2nd menu side of perks, press 1 for pusher and ya-da-ya-da.

You can press 8 to go back to the first side of the menu if you want to access those perks on the first side, press 0 if you do not want to select a perk at all, when you have successfully chosen a perk, you keep the perk you've selected for the whole round until the next round where the menu prompt will appear again when the round begins with setup time. The perk you chosen will be saved from the previous round so you don't have to re-select the perk again on the menu once you've used the round before so press 0 to not change your perk, although if you still want to change perks during setup time (which is the only moment in a round where you can select / change a perk) just pick a perk via a number key or typing !zs_perks.

What is it's purpose?

Well obviously it's to give you a upper-hand against combat and many, many other factors, to enhance your colony's firepower and strengthening your position in a camp spot well there's more I'll get to in a bit with the perks.

Default: What is it?

Well again it's in the name, a plain vanilla engineer with no upsides or downsides, a perk-less engineer so-to-speak.

Berserk: What is it?

Berserk is a very, and I mean very under-utilized perk, Berserk's main point of usage is to be used against Juggernauts to counter their strong damage resistances, 30% of your damage does NOT get affected by their damage resistance by using Berserk, meaning if they had max damage resistance of 65%, a normal meat-shot or point-blank shot would only do 20-or so damage meanwhile using Berserk will negate the damage resistance they have with him by 30%, so essentially you're doing extra damage to Juggernauts / green-medics.

Now for the downsides, it does -40% less damage to Normal / Warden medics, so be careful when deciding when it's best to use Berserk as it's more of a tank-buster perk, I would recommend you use it on a camp spot with another engineer or a colony / engineer nest.

Empowered: What is it?

Empowered is pretty much the polar opposite of Berserk, it does +30% extra damage to Normal / Warden medics, by having such a stat you can pretty much almost 2 shot a medic from a medium-distance or a near-death 1 shot up-close, very powerful perk to have alongside a engineer nest or camp area just as long as you have extra backup firepower from nearby engineers.

Now for the downsides, it does absolutely PITIFUL damage to Juggernauts, -50% damage to them which means a shot to them from any range will do pretty much nothing regardless of how much resistance they have, it is important you try your best not to face these type of medic's with this perk, especially if they have high damage resistance.

Jet-Pack: What is it?

Jet-Pack is the most used perk in the whole server, and for good reason, it gives you the ability to Leap like a medic (minus the 2nd Leap of course) because of how game-changing it is, it allows engineers go to new heights and spots to go that normally could have never been possible before.

It functions about the same way as it does for medics aside from 3 changes, the cool-down for engineer's Jet-Pack is 10 seconds while medic's Leap have 8, engineer's have different collision-boxes than medic's, because of this the engineer's can actually climb and leap from slopes while medics cannot, and lastly the damage ramp-up for engineer is far faster than a medic hitting you in a leap. When leaping into a medic then hitting them, it does a full CRIT, instantly killing them and resetting your leap cool-down to be used again, engineer Jet-Pack garden damage ramp-up is near instant and the only way you won't be able to do so is if your leap was less than 1.6 seconds long.

There's another exclusive function for engineer Leaps / Jet-Pack's, when you constantly kill a player by leaping into them, then hitting them with your melee, you can get extra stored leaps, for every kill you keep doing to a medic, a +1 leap is added to your cool-down as instant ready-to-use leaps, you can gain as much as you want with this feature, oh and nukes also happen for engineer's Jet-Pack, when hitting a cluster of medics if they're all close to each-other, the instant crit from an engineer's leap will also crit them to death, this also gives you extra stored leaps.

Now for the downsides, there's only 1, you cannot build any buildings at all, however there is a trick, you can still build stuff like dispensers and teleporters during setup time, as long as it and you don't destroy it, you can keep it until the rest of the round beyond setup time, if the buildings get destroyed, you can no longer build again.

Freezer: What is it?

As the name implies, the perk will f r e e z e medics, okay it actually slows them down if you attack them by any-means but close enough right, so anyways the way you would get Freezer to work is by pressing your Special Attack key, the same key used to activate your magic spells, M.v.M abilities and what-not, when using this ability it will allow you to slow down the medics by a huge margin depending on how much you shoot them, and it will also cancel their leap attacks by Frostbite which means they cannot use their leaps for a period of time, the ability will only last for 8 seconds before having to cool-down to be used again, quite ironic isn't it?

Now for the downsides, the cool-down takes over 18 seconds to cool off and it also has quite possibly has the harshest damage penalty out of any perk aside from Empowered's Juggernaut damage penalty, it does -30% to to any medic type regardless of what they are, this makes finishing off medics after you shot and slowed them down take a hefty amount of shots.

Black-Wonder Zombie Survival Server I.P's: (U.S server) (B.W server) (N.Y server)

Thank you so much for reading this guide for engineer, see you in:

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Apr 15, 2022
most stuff here is fine, maybe just add the stuff for the new weapon rebalances.
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