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Baguette's fine introduction

Sir Dragon

New Member
May 6, 2020
Oudi, bienvenue , hewwo, partner.

Where could I even get started; ah, alright. So you may have seem me for quite a while on the discord server, you might say that's now that I finally introduce myself. Well, you're right, but you better be late than not even introducing yourself, so here I am, 18 year old baguet... Frenchie, aka BaguetteBakingTips (Sir Dragon actually), small techie and now that I said this I can already smell those stinccy surrender jokes (You can do them anyway, like who cares). Anyway, As is said before I am quite late, because I've been playing on community servers mostly blw for quite a while and it's until recently that I joined both the discord server and forums.

I mostly play as Demolitions expert man and Rocket shotgun man, to either mess around or play the game as intended.
You might see me rarely on times 100 servers and more often on orange_z7 or the jump server to help some Rocket jumping fellows
(fav map: jump_4starters_rebuilt)

Since my first year at college has ended and is probably in the bag, I am now very active on the discord server until September, so see you around in the discord. I can also mention the fact that I am chill, always around for some talk on discord to share a nice time (and memes).

And that's about it for this introduction.
Cheers, Dragon.
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