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Declined An addition to the Prop Hunt LR


Scarcely Lethal
Oct 17, 2018
Throughout my time on Jail Break I have played quite a few rounds of Prop Hunt and thought of a small addition to the LR but might have a big impact upon how it is played.

Introducing the ability for props using any voice command would receive coins or possibly points but the volume for the voice command is amplified and given a slight delay so it is less spammable. This would introduce an exciting risk vs reward factor into this LR, you could risk using a voice command to get a few coins/points just for a guard to find your location or you can minimize the risk of dying by just sitting in the corner not using a voice command the entire round but you would receive absolutely nothing. This would encourage props to make more risks to receive a reward then they would have without this being implemented and give more opportunities for guards to find prop being too cocky or greedy, this in my opinion would be a positive change that would benefit both teams and overall more exciting.

These are a few common questions players ask me about this suggestion:

Wont player's would just choose this LR over the rest?

This is not really a problem because you can only do 3 rounds of this LR per map change.

Would props just spam the voice-lines?

There is a delay already built into the game and you can add even more of a delay before you can do it again.

What if a prop uses voice-lines while bhopping?

It would just draw more attention if they where to do a voice line while bhopping and now guards usually pick pyro by default bhopping is not very viable as a prop.

What if a prop where to be in a hard to reach area?

This would attract quite a few guards will find where you faster if you where in a hard to reach area if a prop would choose not to do this

What if a prop was in an unreachable or near impossible to reach area?

This is the only way a prop would abuse this to a large degree, if a lot of players would be abusing this feature in this way making players obtain points instead of coins would be better because points are less valuable than coins.

If you have any other questions or thoughts don't be shy and comment feedback down below!
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Rage Inducing
Staff member
Jan 16, 2019
I like the Idea, and have seen it in other locations such as Minecraft's hide and seek, where in one server you can fire a rocket giving away your position. Would love to see this idea implemented.


Blackwonder's Own
Staff member
Sep 28, 2015

sadly this entails that every user would not abuse the reward feature. Two people or more could join a server and farm coins/credits infinitely.
So that type or reward is not possible.

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