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Read Me All new applicants please read

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Holy Buckets
Jan 20, 2016
Hello new aspiring applicants!

The option to apply will become available once you you reached a certain degree of activity on the forums.

Remember, that you need to be active on our forums in order to apply instead of straight up register, apply.

And also remember to take time in your application, and no rushing it as this will most likely end up your application being rescinded. Just responding with one line of text on some questions won't cut it. We are obviously not a place where you would apply for a potential job, but you have to understand that we are giving out great responsibility to all our admins and want to know that our admins are fully committed to this community.

We strive to improve the gaming experience of all our players every day and expect the same kind of commitment from our admins.

You will see the option to apply, once you've reached a certain degree of activity.
We do not give out the information on how active you have to be, since people would just complete the criteria and apply.

Asking @Benedevil about how much activity is needed will nullify your chances of becoming an admin.

Here is where you would click to apply:

If you had to ask to find this page, do not expect a great chance of becoming an admin.

We hope to see you on the team soon!
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Not open for further replies.