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Admin Aplication from Bulgaria

Jul 9, 2018
Personal Information

Kaloyan Pavlov

Your Age


Your SteamID

Server Information

Have you managed servers previously?

If Yes, which ones?

Are you familiar with admin commands?

On which servers do you usually play?
LA Jailbreak
NY Jailbreak
TX Jailbreak
BA Jailbreak

Application Questions

Why do you want to become an admin?
I want to fill up the spot most admins but 1 will not travel to, LA is extremely scarce when it comes to admins with Heyya being the only dedicated admin, every other time an admin will get on LA is either due to a call admin help on discord or directly contacting one. Other than that its due to other servers being dead or simply being there with a friend.

Since I became a donor back in September i have always asked myself if I would ever decide to become admin but I was always 50/50 as being a donor would bridge that gap for me, it was a reasonable amount of power to were you can hop on the server and go do what you wanted to do. When i go to a gamemode called Jailbreak i want to play Jailbreak not Survival Simulator. So donor did that for me and it also helped out with others. When you can hop into a lobby before you even select a team yet hear people cheering you are there and begging for your help despite the fact that you can only do such a minor thing compared to an admin says a lot of the situation and what you have done in the past. The reason I also become a donor is due to some curse with me where hell breaks loose against me when it expires. Just a few days ago the first 3 round of LA were freekills on me off the very start and I just sat there watching other follow the same fate. Back in December as well it was just beyond awful to where i just refused, counting down the days till Benedevil came back because at the time he was in charge of giving out donor via key trade. So many people that had donor and were LA dailies agreed it was just a killjoy to where no one can stand what was going on. When Benedevil returned so many colors in chat appeared it was insane.

I've decided after so many incidents in LA that it was finally my time to step it up as being a donor at a previous was useless because they knew the way around. I rarely ask for help on the discord as I do my best to make sure everything is fine for everyone but when I do have to call for help it is not questions that there is a problem. Yet after a long wait for an admin to hop on everyone has left even the people that just wanted to play Jailbreak. In the most recent in which I had to ask multiple admins for help, the player count dropped from 31 to 19 by the time an admin got on.

The reason I stopped making reports also falls under this because it can take days or even weeks for a report to be dealt with as I've had 3 reports take ages to be dealt with. I still have a report on my account too that was completely ignored and it just sits there since it got buried under everything else. I personally started to find reports extremely inconsistent at times.

This is why I am here and you are reading this because i want to improve even more on what I can do and help on spot when it's needed and where its needed the most.

Do you know any of our current staff members?

If Yes, please tell us the their names.
Noodle Ball

(With honorable mention of resigned admin Overkill)

Please tell us when you usually play and are available.
Weekdays : 2pm-9pm UTC -7/PST
Weekends: 10am-9pm UTC -7/PST

How would you go about punishing a hacker, spammer, simple rulebreaker, etc?


Spamming chat/voice chat: The offender will be first given two warning to stop over what they are spamming in. Such as if they are spamming over voice chat, that is how I will warn them over VC. If they refuse then the following order will apply.

1 hour mute/gag

1 day mute/gag

2 day mute/gag

1 week mute/ gag

2 week mute/gag

1 month mute/gag

Permanent mute/gag

(Earrap and Playing music fall under this for the voice side)

Racism: 1 day mute/gag depending on what platform its said on, following offences will follow this list.

2 day mute/gag

1 week mute/gag

2 week mute/gag

Permanent mute/gag

NSFW Spray: Permanent spray ban. Self explanatory.

Exploits/Glitches: This section is both vague and diverse so depending on the severity of the glitch/exploit it might skip a few stages but this list would be an example from bottom up with continuations.

1 day ban

2 day ban

1 week ban

2 week ban

1 month ban

Permanent ban.

Hacking: As soon as any reasonable suspicion occurs i will record a reasonable duration of the suspect, afterwards i would ask the opinion of other admins to see what they believe. If true the suspect will be permanently banned.

Advertising Hacks: I will record footage of the chat, once proof of advertising is shown a permanent mute/gag will be placed. The recording will continue in case the advertiser is in fact hacking then a permanent ban will follow.

Jailbreak punishments

For all of jailbreak this will be the traditional ladder for punishments, depending on the severity and previous punishments the player may skip a few steps.

1 hour

1 day

2 day

1 week

2 week

1 month



Overtalking Warden or admin during mic check: I will warn them to stop, if it makes the warden hard to hear i will start with a slay as they will have no need to continue talking unless being an annoyance, if they do decide to continue after the slay or in continuing rounds then i will mute them for an hour. For the admin side if they do not listen to the warning i will simply mute them for 1 hour

Sticky Traps: with Blues I will ask them to CAREFULLY detonate the stickies away from the red. For reds all i ask is to detonate them in general. If either sides refuse then they will receive a slay

Ghosting: depending on the severity of the ghosting it will simply start with a warning and work its way up the ladder skipping a few depending on how bad or game changing it was.

Delaying: i will always ask the player to stop delaying or else they will be slayed.

Armory camping: while it is more strict with blues are flexible with reds the main route to deal with it in general would be a warning and if they player refuses then a simple slay, but with for blues it would be a team ban after the first slay.


(Almost all red punishments come from the General side so there are few specific ones for red)

Freeday abuse: depending on the severity of the freeday abusing might skip a few steps. this will start bottom up with a slay.

Ammo glitching: if the player accidentally glitched and follows the rules by not using the ammo till reaching some then i will leave them alone or i will simply ask them to leave and rejoin the game. If they decide to use the ammo to attack the guards then i will place down a 1 week ban.


(To save space and keep everything simple when i say ban i am defining it as a team/guard ban for both Blu and Warden unless stated otherwise such as saying server ban.)

Freehit: the guard will be warned to stop at first. If they decide to ignore my warning the guard will be slayed. If the guard CONTINUES throughout the game even after the slay then he will receive a 1 hour ban.

Freekill: the guard will receive a 1 hour ban with the red that was freekilled being respawned shortly after.

Mass freekill (+3): The guard will receive a 1 week ban, if available i will revive the reds depending on the situation. Intentional mass freekills will result in a permanent ban from the server.

(For both normal and mass freekilled i will only revive if i witnessed the incident or it was blatantly obvious.)

Away from warden: I will ask the reason they are away from warden, if they are not allowed to be away then i will tell them to return, if they refuse then i will slay them. If continued

Griefing: the guard will receive an immediate slay and depending on the severity of how much damage was dealt a ban.

Inaudible mic : the guard will be asked to fix their mic first, if still inaudible then a ban will be placed till they resolve the problem.

No mic : a ban will be placed till further notice

Teamkilling: the killer will be asked the reason for the friendly fire. If done with no reason the a 1 hour ban will be placed. If done to kill a freekiller then he will be left alone. (Granted it shouldn't be done regardless when admins are on.)

Favoritism: the blue will be told to not give a red any special treatment and follow the orders, such as in Hide n Seek by letting a red that isn't the last one to live. If they do not follow orders then a 1 hour ban will be placed.

LR Denial: the guard will receive an instant 1 hour ban.


Illegal games: they will be told not to continue with attempting the game. If they ignore the warning they will be slayed and banned for a day.

Refusing to repeat: if warden decides to ignore reds when asked for a repeat, the warden will be slayed but if multiple reds are killed then he will receive a 1 hour ban.

Illegal FF: first i will turn of FF and if any reds were killed because of it then he will receive 1 day ban.

Unwarden from random selected warden: i will asked the reason they unwardened, if understandable such as they ended up having to do something in their house. That will be fine, all that will be asked is to slay themselves. If the reason they unwardend is not told or was simply because they did not want to be warden then there will be 2 ways this can go down.

1. The blue will receive a 1 day ban as he proves to everyone he is unwilling to become warden.

2. If he unwardened with no response via the mic, he will be permanently banned till proven otherwise.

Warden hogging: if accidentally warden for a 4th time via the random selection then he may unwarden, if purposefully done then a slay will happen. If the suspect decides to argue about it and is stubborn then he will receive a 1 hour ban.

Trick orders: the warden will be told to clarify and be specific, if not they will receive a slay.

Illegal orders: warden will be told to not do the orders. If a red dies because of this, both the blu and warden will be slayed but the warden will receive a 1 day ban.

Lying: if the warden does not tell the true orders then he will be slayed. If a red dies because of this then he will receive a 1 hour ban.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know.

I find myself to be someone who is blatantly honest and a realist, i'll never try to hide some lie for you to feel better and I only look at things the way they are with the context rather through an emotional standpoint.

BlackWonder is the first and only server i have ever had interactions with so I have no know history with other servers but the history I have had here is all out of context so I am here to explain it all and I have a cleaner history with comms and bans than it looks.

First off I made my account on the forums back in august because I was wrongfully banned from blue while I was on red and thankfully Will was willing (no pun intended) to unteam ban me on spot after a few weeks.

I only have one official Comm block and that was from RainbowRob despite me not really remembering it.

The first one was i did by myself on me in an attempt to mute a mic spammer named as me, this was before I was shown Status in console and my mind was “the commands are smart enough to mute the right person. Right?” clearly it wasn't and I was able to get Heyya to unmute me. This was on Famous final 2

Next was by Classy Plant who decided to mute before slay on Hop jb as I left for a few seconds on blu only for it to choose me to be warden. It was 9:36 when he decides to mute me as when I started to walk out he set the vote out right when I started to give orders. He muted himself as a sorry but it was clear I was annoyed at him for not slaying first.

Last it was from Billi Bon who actually donor abused at the time. We were on Wild West and FF was a constant problem. I was on blue with Effex and a few others. FF is turned on yet again and Effex instantly says i did it with a mute from billi shortly after who was on red. Everyone on the server except the 2 were on my side even people such as cheesecake who at the time was gold friends with billi was against him saying he had no proof other than 1 person saying i did it while multiple people were backing me up, LA Unknown recorded a demo of it all happening but sadly the demo would crash. Mob mentality is was got me muted and when they listened to reason everyone was against Billi and Effex.

Lastly it is known that I have a little brother that would play JB on my account. I have put this in consideration ages ago and have come up to an agreement with him that when I get shipped out to Georgia for the Army National Guard he can keep my Pink Maxs Severed Head in the condition he never touches BlackWonder on my account but only on his. (Btw if you are curious I am not shipping out directly after the school year ends but later in the year, that date just has to stay secret because of a few conditions)

Here is his account:


If you have any questions, concerns or anything you see from me that is out of context please let me know!

Thank you for your time.

Edit 1: Enter randomly sent it all so i had to fill in the missing sections.
Edit 2: Added colors to sections.
Edit 3: Refined a few spelling errors and sentences.


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Dec 19, 2016
you stole the app and clearly dont have enough posts to actually post this. dumpster time


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Aug 13, 2017

I woke up to the 2nd time someone tries to rip off my admin app, it be like that some times.

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Nov 12, 2016
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Aug 26, 2017
I was about to say “I’ve never seen or heard of you in my life why did you say that” because I was under the impression that you only stole Paragon’s punishments but you really did take the whole thing didn’t you

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Don't put it in the dumpster please. We need this in declined apps so we can disappoint this obviously desperate man/woman/alien/hybrid.