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Completed Add !voteban for donor

What do you think?:

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 11.8%
  • No

    Votes: 15 88.2%

  • Total voters
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Truly Feared
Sep 29, 2019
Right now donors can call a vote for mute/gag/kick/switch someone to spectator team, but can't call vote for banning someone.

Sometimes( so many times ) there is no admin on the server, and there can be a haker or other guy who exploit something, or freekilling everyone, and the only thing you can do on this moment > is reporting violator, wait and hope..

I was thinking about !voteban command to be added for a little time, like 10-15-20 minutes. And it will ban if 60-70% players on the server will vote Yes.


Positively Inhumane
Jan 17, 2018
Going to vote no for this and I'll throw out my opinion and reason why:

1: Can be abused and people would probably start ranting on how they are getting banned.
2: You don't need to just ban the hacker, just kick him, if he keeps on coming back and forth, the best you can do is TRY to at least call admin once more and report him, as you said and already mentioned this.
3: If this was to be added, I'd would like the 10 minutes and I think at least 80% of the server should vote yes for it to pass.

Console |

Indian Tech Support
Staff Member
May 25, 2019
From my experience as a donor myself and after a few months of moderator with donors on the server, donors are already eager to punish players using their commands that they have, and sometimes call votes incorrectly. If donors were given the command to temporarily ban a player from every single server, this can be easily abused and will rarely be used outside of a few situations. If anything that happens that is punishable with a ban, for example, hacking, you can always ask for help via Discord, calladmins, or even reporting the player with sufficient evidence, and I can see in your post, you already mentioned this part of reporting and waiting, but what’s the point of banning someone for 30 minutes, (or less as you said) for hacking. I’m only using hacking as an example since it was the only situation you talked about on your post for getting voteban that actually warranted a ban, of course there are other reasons to ban someone, but this voteban command isn’t really a good idea, in my mind at least, for the few times it is applicable to an in game scenario.
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